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Yii Assignment Help

Yii is basically a PHP framework, which is component-based in nature, that helps in developing web applications at a broader scale rapidly. As mentioned, the major advantage of Yii is that it increases the speed of the web application development process plus we reuse the web programs. The name, of the PHP framework, Yii (pronounced Yee) is the short form for "Yes It Is!". For beginners, using Yii is the most concise way of understanding. To master Yii, the best guide is the assignments you get from BookMyEssay. Students can blindly rely on Yii assignment help which covers all the options and topics.

To run Yii based web application, the basic requirement is a server that has PHP 5.1.0... Yii is an OOP framework. Thus, working knowledge of object-oriented programming is very helpful for those who want expertise in Yii. Can you believe that Yii can help in developing any type of web application? It is a web programming framework that is very generic in nature. The main features that make the Yii framework worth for high-traffic application, like content management system, forums, e-commerce, portals, etc, is its sophisticated caching mechanism and its being lightweight in nature. Learning all the points of Yii can be done using Yii assignment help from experts of BookMyEssay. These writing professionals are experienced in the Yii framework. 

Yii applies the MVC architectural engineering pattern. Yii shines among PHP frameworks having plenty of features and clear documentation. The pattern of Yii is designed from the scratch, so as to make it capable of some good Web application work. Yii was not discovered all of a sudden during some project nor is it an amalgamation of different types of projects. It's serious work done by experience-rich authors in web application development. Yii assignment help teaches serious web application development.

Yii Audience

Yii framework is highly useful in developing different types of web applications like forums, portals, content management systems, RESTful services, e-commerce websites, and on and on. Yii has sophisticated and solid caching features plus its architecture is component-based in nature. Students can always rely on Yii assignment help from BookMyEssay which gives the best academic writing assistance provided. The online academic writers at BookMyEssay have hands-on experience in the Yii framework. 

What is Required

Yii is a solid OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) based framework. Hence, you should have a ground knowledge of OOP. The fresh features of PHP are of great usage to the Yii framework, some are- traits and namespaces. All you need for Yii2 are higher versions of PHP 5.4 and a web server.

What does it Provide?

Yii dispenses reliable and professional features thus helping in creating sturdy projects speedily. The Yii framework architecture is component-based in nature and has full dependable caching support. Thus, it can be safely said that many types of web applications can be made from it. Yii is equipped with a code generation tool called Gii which has a full CRUD(Create-Read-Update-Delete) interface maker. For any information-based learning on the Yii framework, Yii assignment help online from BookMyEssay is the best.

Core Features of the Yii framework

Let's look into its features:
  • Yii applies the MVC architectural pattern.
  • It furnishes features for both databases, namely- relational and NoSQL.
  • Yii framework sticks to the need for designing, thus it is not into doing some excess design work so that some typical design pattern can be followed.
  • Yii is highly extensible.
  • It gives multi-layer caching support.
  • Yii dispenses RESTful API development assist.
  • It is all geared up to give a performance of great levels.

Versions of Yii

There are two working versions available of Yii:
  1. Version 1.1, which is under maintenance.
  2. Version 2.0. it uses the latest technologies and is said to have a composer utility used for package distribution. Apart from this, the feature is useful for many PHP features above 5.4 version. Most of the efforts of development will be put into this version.

Assignments from BookMyEssay based on Yii give full-fledged information about this framework. Yii homework help service is very effective in making you understand the framework.

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