Essay Writing Guide for Students

BookMyEssay has always supported the students through its essay writing help services in UK for every possible topic. Here, this service provider presents a guide to help you write a good essay on your own. We have divided the guide into relevant headings and sub-headings to make it easier to compose an essay.

Types of essay

It’s important to have an idea of different essay types to be able to write them effectively. The major essay types include:

1. Expository Essay

Through this essay type, a student evaluates evidence and presents ideas with the help of supportive arguments. The major components of this essay type are the use of examples, contrast, and comparison, along with the analysis of cause and effect.

2. Narrative Essay

As the name suggests, you need to explain the issue in the form of narrative, something like story-telling. The faculty checks for characterization, narrative details, dialogue, and plot development in this form.

3. Admission Essay

Popularly referred as an application essay, this form is used when applying for admission in school, college, or university.

4. Persuasive Essay

One needs to persuade the readers through this essay, with the support of relevant quotes, statistics, evidence, and examples. The aim is to ensure the readers agree with the agreements discussed in the essay.

5. Deductive Essay

It consists of three major elements, namely premise, evidence, and conclusion. The writer needs to deduce logical reasoning in this essay, which is showcased through deductive argument.

6. Personal Essay

You, as a writer, showcase your competencies and achievements via this essay type. The admission committee analyzes whether you are suitable for a program by examining your personal essay.

7. Definitive Essay A detailed and thorough definition of a particular term is written in this form of an essay. It can be related to materialistic objects, emotions, or even relationship type. 8. Informal Essay

You can use a casual form of writing to express observations or opinions in this form of writing. Use of quotes, examples, narratives, and questions are seen in this form of an essay.

9. Comparison Essay

In this form of an essay, a student compares different people, views, events, or circumstances. You have to be clear about the purpose of the essay.

10. Descriptive Essay

You need to create a clear picture of a thing, place, or person while writing a descriptive essay. The creativity of the writer becomes vital for this essay form.

How to Decide the Essay Topic

There are two scenarios when it comes to essay topics. First, the topic has been assigned by your university/college/school. In this case, you save a lot of time.

If the institution asks you to decide the topic on your own, the situation becomes tricky. You must start by analyzing what’s your motive behind the essay. Are you trying to educate the readers on a particular topic? Or, is the motive to persuade the individuals on a specific topic using a set of facts? The motive can also be to question the social or economic status of a particular state or country.

This is followed by listing down the topics you want to write on. Make sure sufficient amount of material is available for the same. It is during this stage that you have to check which topic seems most interesting. Also, check with which topic you are able to think of several ideas. This process helps you select the best one out of the lot.

The Writing Part

The major part, which is writing the essay, is not as simple as noting down what’s coming to your mind. Connect with BookMyEssay and follow a structured approach to get the perfect results at the end.

1) The first phase – Starting the Essay It is the toughest part for the individuals, as procrastination and fear of writing irrelevant stuff usually delay the process. Make sure you start the writing process as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will not get sufficient time to do the research or edit it. Analyze what you know about the topic and note it down in the form of headings. Also, write the keywords that are related to the topic. This will make subsequent steps easier for you. 2) The second phase – Research

Usually, the students consider researching as a first phase. But, if you research without having a clear idea in your mind, you might skip several important concepts and might end up collecting redundant data.

Follow these tips for research:

  • Take the support of search engines and other tools for the basic research.
  • Try getting the information and data from websites having extensions like ‘.org,’ ‘.edu,’ and ‘.gov.’ These websites are considered reliable, as they represent institutions. Make sure the site is not politically biased.
  •  Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) helps you find the books in the library easily.
  •  Use print materials like reports, government publications, and AV Catalogs for reliable information.
  •  Don’t forget to note down the details of the source, such as title, author’s name, and year, as it will help in referencing.

3) The third phase - Organize the research and thoughts

Create the best possible answer for your question. Make sure you have sufficient statistics and examples for supporting the argument. Get rid of the material that seems irrelevant. Otherwise, you will get confused while drafting the essay. You can create pointers in this phase, which you can expand in the next step. 4) The fourth phase – Draft the essay

This is the phase where you turn the raw materials (research and ideas) into the final piece (answers). Writing the first draft is half the battle won. Make sure you remain to the point. Redundant information irritates the readers.

Structure of an Essay

Here is the breakdown of structure that you should apply during essay writing.


This is where you have to grab the reader’s attention. You can use an interesting piece of information to attract the readers. An anecdote that presents your point in the form of narrative is also a good idea. Make sure the readers get an idea of the overall topic in the introduction part.

Thesis statement

You can consider it as a roadmap to the argument that you are going to use in the main paper. It should be to the point, well-written and clear.


This is where you will express your ideas, thoughts, and research in a detailed manner. Make sure all the paragraphs from a link with the subsequent ones. The number of paragraphs is based on how much material you have, along with the complexity of the topic.


Summarize the argued points and draw a final perspective in this part. Use three to four lines to conclude the essay.

Formulating the citation

You need to give the credits in this part using APA Citation, MLA Citation, Chicago Style, or Harvard Style. More often than not, the institution will tell you on which style you need to use.


You also need to include a list of books, papers, websites, etc. at the end. You can put the author’s name in alphabetical order.

The Support by BookMyEssay

You can always skip the difficult parts of essay writing process by hiring the writers from BookMyEssay. From doing a thorough research to structuring the essay efficiently, the writers can provide essay writing help, assignment writing service, help with dissertation research proposal writing all for you at affordable rates.

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