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Operations Management assignment help

Operation is the management of processes like time, energy, raw material, labor into finished goods and services. Operation management is the controlling, organizing, administrating the process of production of quality goods and services. The underlying aim being optimal use of resources to meet customer requirements. Operation management is taught at graduation and post-graduation level and to get good grades, one of the requirements is to submit potentially fulfilling assignment paper writing, homework, case studies, and dissertation on the sub-topics of operation management. Students don't get stressed because you can always hire BookMyEssay to get Operations Management assignment help.

What is Operation Management?

Operation Strategy, in simple terms is the action plan taken up by the company to match the market requirements and the resources available with it to meet its ultimate goal, objective and mission of meeting customer satisfaction. Operation management deals with managing the production and service system which converts inputs into outputs.

Operations are found in almost all the companies be it healthcare, service industry, manufacturing houses, and finance companies. The function of the operation management is to look after day to day working and make strategies for the future.

The homework given to students on the topics related to operation management are tricky. The students can hire operation management dissertation writing help, as their reports in itself help students to learn a lot.

Overview of Operation Management

Operation management aims at reducing the cost of production while maintaining the quality of the product. Thus, there are three aspects of production with which Operation Management is concerned with, they are planning, organizing and administering. The importance of operation management is everywhere, in the modern management set up, from procuring raw material to sending finished goods to the warehouse.

The two key aspects of operation Management are :
  1. The Supply Chain Management
  2. Logistics

Today, in the world of international trade, Operation Management is very important in changing the future strategies of the organization as per the international trade activities. It is highly expected that operation managers work towards, adapting the strategies as per requirement.

Career Scope:
  1. Operations Manager: You can become an Operations manager after getting a bachelor's degree in management. You have to coordinate multiple things once you be one Operations manager. You are responsible for number of activities like pricing, sales, production, distribution.
  2. Industrial production manager: You get this position in an organization involved in manufacturing activities. In this career type you need to coordinate staffing flow, production methods etc.
  3. Management consultant: This career type requires you to offer advice to organizations on streamlining their Operations. These advices are given on the basis of objectives of the client company and finding the requirements of the company to achieve their goals.
  4. Management faculty: Once you do your graduation and post-graduation from reputed organization, you get many offer to teach in management colleges with decent salaries. The teacher has to vigilant and full of energy to teach the future managers.
  5. Entrepreneurs: The most productive options is being an entrepreneur. The student has to put in all its study of operation management and start as entrepreneur with a unique idea.

Once you complete your MBA in Operation Management from reputed college, you have got a huge scope. You will get requirements from many international organizations. The operation management course is divided into two types, device operations and manufacturing operations.

As most of the topics from operations management are highly complex, the number of lectures in a particular topic is not sufficient. These topics also need the students to have the practical experience from manufacturing units or supply chains. The lack of this type of experience makes the assignment preparation process difficult. We offer operations management homework and assignment help online for all these reasons.

Functions of Operations Management

  • Finance
  • Operation
  • Strategy
  • Product design
  • Maintaining quality

FINANCE: It is the most important function of operations. Operation management has to take care that finance of the organization is not wasted in unproductive work. It is used in production, maintains quality and creating services, so as to provide customers with what they want.

OPERATION: The basic work of operation management is to look after the day to day activities of the organization. It includes planning, organizing, designing, controlling, supervising production, manufacturing and provision of services.

STRATEGY: Apart from day to day activities and processes, operation managers have to build up strategies for future too. Formulation of policies and pre planning the tasks help the organization optimize resources and develop an edge over competitors.

PRODUCT DESIGN: Operation manager has to look after the designing of the product as per the market trends and demands. He should ensure that the product is full of innovation and latest technology to beat the competitor product.

MAINTAINING QUALITY: Operation mangers should keep an eagle eye on the quality of the products manufactured or the services rendered. The operations team should never compromise on the quality. If any slack found in quality, they should immediately take steps to rectify it.

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Operation management is an important part of any organization. The strategies of operation management improve productivity with optimal use of resources. Operations trains and educates their employees for better employee productivity and happy employees. It ensures that quality products or services delivered to customers increase their level of satisfaction and happiness. BookMyEssay professional writers' team is famous to provide you better Operations Management assignment help.



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