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Architecture Assignment Help

Architecture is a field that blends hardworking and passion. The discipline involves a holistic approach to the design of objects and will usually serve students to plan and design specialized elements by using special tools and applications. Most students find their architecture assignments stressful and difficult. BookMyEssay is a platform that has recruited a talented team of architects to help students with their architectural plans and designs. Our architecture assignment help online involve experts in the field, who use a range of tools and applications to help students cope with all their architecture problems and solutions. We specialize in all the branches of architecture: landscape architecture, urban planning and design, project planning, building and Infrastructural design, and many more. Our services like: architecture essay homework help ensure that students get the maximum mark or points possible.

What is Architecture?

Whenever the word “architecture” is mentioned, people usually think about “designing of buildings.” This is a very fragmented aspect of the primary job remit of an architect. For instance, people fail to realize that architects are also good managers and negotiators. The job of an architect focuses on design but comes with many other aspects too. A good architecture assignment help should know that the primary responsibility of an architect goes beyond the drawing table. It also comes with a lot of fieldwork and supervision too. This means that if you aspire to be an architect, you should be ready to suit up and go out to the field just like a structural engineer would. BookMyEssay online academic experts have invested in a wide range of architectural design tools to help students complete their assignments.

The True Definition of Architecture

Our architecture assignment help guide fully takes into consideration, the full meaning of the term “architecture.” Therefore, what is architecture? Simply put, Architecture involves the processes of planning, initiating, designing, constructing, managing of buildings and many other structures and objects. Architects also design and build chairs, bridges, shoes, bags, water fountains, data centers, factories, plane hangars, and so on.

The role of an architect comes into play if you would like to incorporate a good design to any structure. Architects are known for their works of art. They usually bring together, the principles and philosophies of art and engineering to create an aesthetic, safe, sustainable, and durable structure/object that can be used repetitively for a long time.

The Most Prominent Architectural Styles

Just like in modern architectural schools, our architecture case study help online infuses all the popular styles of architecture to present a well-conceived design assignment for the student. The eight most common architectural styles are:

Roman and Greek classic architectural styles: This is the style of architecture that was influenced by early Rome and Greek architecture. This style of architecture sticks to the style of buildings using a set template. It is usually expressed by design styles like an Amphitheatre, a coliseum, a temple, or a circular/rectangular open space that is surrounded by multiple columns.

Gothic architecture: This is the style of architecture that is popular with many European churches. Started in France, the Gothic style was quickly adapted by the entire European continent. Its main design elements are masonry/stonework, flying buttresses, vaulted and ribbed columns, arches with sharp points, and so on,

Baroque architecture: This architectural styles comes from Italy and features a more dramatic and emotional style. This style of architecture is created to appeal to the human sense. It usually contains curving forms like ovals. It will also include convex and concave forms which suggests motion.

Neoclassical architecture: As suggested by it name, this style of architecture depicts the resurgence of the classical style of architecture. It is heavily influenced by Roman and Greek design forms.

Victorian architecture: This is the style of architecture that dominated buildings that were built when Queen Victoria of England was in power. Greatly influenced by the English monarchy, the Victorian design style goes beyond one type of design style. Victoria architecture is a compound word that is used to describe the inclusion of Tudor, Romanesque, and Gothic elements in a building design.

Modern architecture: This style of architectural style is a collection of various architectural design styles that were very popular in the first part of the 20th century. The modern architecture features minimalist design elements like simple shapes, lines, circles, and so on. It was made popular by a lot of architects and waned out sometime after the second world war.

Post-Modern architecture: The post-modern architectural style try to approach its designs with more superiority than the modern architecture style. This type of style uses decorative elements and artistic ornamentation into its design patterns rather than just using clean lines like the modern style.

Neo futurist architecture: This is the style of architecture that idealistically uses a more futuristic approach for design of objects. This is the type of design school of thought that leverages new technology to design and construct innovative and impressive structures.

BookMyEssay as an Efficient Provider of Quality Architecture Homework Help

BookMyEssay provides a comprehensive architecture homework help service by investing on a set of architectural design tools and architects. Our team of world-class architects make use of various tools like 3D Max, Rhinoceros, ArchiCAD, Revit Architecture, Sketch Up, Building and Bridge Information Management (BIM), and many other parametric 3D applications.

While we also involve in theoretical architecture, our team mainly focuses on the design and planning of various objects, structures, and so on. BookMyEssay have put together a team of architects that utilize various school of thoughts when putting together modern designs. our best UK writers can create a brand new design from scratch using various scenarios and case studies.

We use suitable design tools that are highly interoperable with many other design tools. Our team of architects are familiar with OpenBIM and IFC software formats. This means that collaboration between our architects and students are simplified. We have invested in the best global architectural design systems that enable our team to communicate and support any student from any part of the world. We can also edit and complete any designs that seem uncompleted or partially done. We use sophisticated and premium architecture design tools to assist provide our architecture assignment help for students.



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