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Biology Assignment Help

Biology is a subject taught to us since middle school. It is relatively a complex subject that requires extensive knowledge, intelligent work. Biology demands a good amount of time as it has information regarding complex living organisms. Students require a considerate amount of time to plan the biology assignment. Still, they don't get the required marks from the assignment. At this point, comes the Biology assignment help provider - BookMyEssay. They give professional Biology assignment help, biology case study help as their assignment help desk is open 24 *7.

We provide reliable and trustworthy assignments at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels. Biology requires a lot of patience to study and then produce accurate assignments. Science assignments require a certain level of quality which can be achieved by smart work, experience, and assistance.

What is Biology?

Biology studies life and living organisms. It is a natural science that studies the molecular processes, chemical interaction, physical structure, development, and evolution of living organisms. According to biology, the basic unit of life is a cell, the basic unit of heredity is genes, the propeller of creation, and extinction is evolution. Living organisms survive by being in the state of homeostasis, which is a steady internal, physical, condition maintained by living organisms.

Biology is concerned with the study of the immune system of the living body and the functioning of every organ. It also explains adaptation in plants and animals.

History of Biology

The development of modern biology recently but the science related to it are studied since ancient times. Natural philosophy, a precursor to natural science, has been practiced in many civilizations like Mesopotamian, Chinese, Indian, Egyptian. But the track to natural science started with ancient Greece.

Aristotle contributed extensively to the development of Biology. His book 'History of Animals' gave naturalist learning. Taxonomy and classification became the point of study for many natural historians. Scientific names of the species were introduced by the 1750s. Next was working on the thought of evolution. Buffon played a vital role in suggesting the thought of the history of evolution. The works of Charles Darwin were greatly influenced by that of Buffon.

A push towards learnings of Biology started after Leeuwenhoek improved the microscope. And a vast variety of microscopic organisms were discovered. By the 19th century, the cell started gaining its importance as a basic unit of life. By the 1860's most biologists accepted the idea of cells being the basic unit of life, every single unit having all the characters of life and cells are reproduced from other cells.

The 20th century saw the evolution of molecular genetics. The 1940s and 1950s were full of experiments to produce that DNA was a part of chromosomes and contained genes. In 1953, the double-helical structure of DNA was discovered. The human genome project was launched in 1990. This project worked till 2003.

Why Study Biology?

  1. Helps Us Understand the Big Picture: The study of biology helps us relate to the living forms across the earth and their interconnectedness to each other. It helps us identify our living form. We are able to associate ourselves with the flora fauna of the different ecosystems on earth. It gives us an opportunity to learn about the processes related to different ecosystems. Any homework or assignments based on these topics are well received by our experts at BookMyEssay and made into assignments.
  2. Heart of Many Socio-Economic Issues: studying biology makes us more aware of our own health and how to take care of it. We take better decisions related to biological issues like genetically modified plants, the use of antibiotics, and the eradication of invasive species. We get more informed regarding agriculture and horticulture across the globe. Biology helps maintain effective and more productive plants and animals. The biotechnological and medical advances are realized by knowledge of Biology.
  3. Deals with Ecological Issues: Biology helps us in dealing with various ecological issues like conservation of energy, pollution, exploitation of the environment. By learning biology, students can better debate the situations of environmental exploitation like mining. We realize that we need to develop more sustainable forms to use natural resources. Students can always rely on assignment help online and can buy homework online or buy a Biology assignment case study online related to topics of sustainable living and ecological conservation.
  4. Paves Way too Many Career Opportunities: Studying biology opens up our way for different types of opportunities in career. Some careers are given below:

Agronomist, animal behavior scientist, environmental analyst, environmental ecologist, environmental manager, environmental officer, fisheries scientist, food and drink technologist, forestry technician, nursery grower, plant pathologist, plant physiologist, quarantine officer, research manager, secondary school science teacher, zoologist, animal welfare officer, biochemist, biotechnologist, cheese production supervisor, conservation biologist, genetics technician, marine biologist, meat biochemist, medical sciences technician.

You as a student can apply to one of these careers only when you get a degree in biology or its specialization. For which assignments and Homeworks are to be submitted and get good grades. You can always buy biology assignments help online or buy Biology assignment essays online.

Father of Biology

Aristotle (384-322 BC) is said to be the father of Biology and Zoology. He contributed extensively to developmental biology. One of his important contributions is 'History of Animals'. In this, he has clearly shown naturalist learnings. Further, his empirical works stressed the diversity of life and biological causation.

Aristotle found many interesting facts, like :

  • The fact of dolphins and whales being mammals like humans.
  • He also gave information on animal groups and their details in regard to structure and behavior.

Mother of Biology

Maria Sibylla Median is considered the mother of biology. Born in Frankfurt in 1647, she made the records of flora and fauna to the best of her efforts, in Germany.

  • She was an eminent scientist, botanist, and biologist. She has worked on the flora and fauna of the area near to her, which is in Germany.
  • The records of flora fauna created by her are the most sought-after records in the 17th century.
  • Reason for her being considered the mother of biology is her contribution to taxonomy and botany.

Their works are inspirational to the biologists of today's generation. There are many types of equipment and technologies available today but back then in their times, when no technology was available, these people made advances in biology. To get a degree in biology, you need to submit Biology case study writing before the deadline. You can always rely on BookMyEssay, to get academic dissertation help in biology, to buy Biology assignment help online.

Basic Theories of Modern Biology

  • Cell Theory: The Biologist Robert Hook discovered the cell. According to cell theory, the cell is the basic unit of life. All living organisms are made up of two or more cells and each cell is formed from the pre-existing cell. Metabolism is the mechanism of energy flow in the cell. The DNA is the hereditary information contained in the cell. Thus DNA is passed from one cell to another during cell division. Abiogenesis or origin of life is the theory that is studied to find out the origin of the first cell or origin of the cell from non-living matter.
  • Evolution: Evolution is considered the central concept of biology. It is widely accepted that life changes and develops through evolution. It is also considered that all life processes have a common origin. All organisms on Earth, whether living or extinct have come from a common gene pool. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck coined the term 'Evolution', in 1809. Fifty years later Charles Darwin came up with the idea to find the driving force of evolution. It was a scientific model with described natural selection. Evolution now explains the diversity of life on Earth.
  • Genes: Genes are the basic unit of inheritance in any organism. Genes, trait-containing units, are found on DNA. DNA is the component of chromosomes. Be it any organism, from bacteria to animals, have the same type of mechanism to convert DNA to protein. Eukaryotes contain DNA as liner chromosomes while circular chromosomes in prokaryotes.

Apart from the above-mentioned foundation theories Homeostasis and Energy are the two remaining ones. You can get information on the remaining two from the assignment provider of our online Biology assignment help service from BookMyEssay. To get a hold on biology a student should have in-depth knowledge of all 5 theories. Or you can always take help from Biology homework writing services from us at a good cost. The assignments obtained not only will give good marks but will also work as notes for students to understand the topic.

So, feel free to order for Biology assignment help today!



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