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Verbal Irony Assignment Help

Verbal irony is an important figure of speech. Here, the speaker aims to be understood as something different and it contrasts with the usual or literal meaning of his saying. Various inconsistencies between what is in fact and what is being said on a specific occasion give rise to various types of verbal irony.

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Verbal Irony: A Brief Introduction

Verbal irony is viewed as the most common kind of irony as it is directly tied to a language that people use in their daily lives every day. However, you must know what is meant by verbal irony and its subtypes.

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Why Verbal Irony Is Used?

To speak broadly, authors prefer to use irony as a literary technique, rhetorical device, etc. Verbal irony happens when the speech of a person contradicts his or her intended meaning intentionally. So, finally, the speaker though means another thing ends up speaking one thing.

Verbal irony is used both creatively and academically and it serves various purposes regardless of the topic. It can be said that verbal irony is commonly used for portraying humor. Additionally, it lays stress on a provided idea besides exposing contradictions.

Kinds Of Verbal Irony

People use verbal irony in various circumstances. They might stumble on it when they converse generally, in literature, and in the media. Most often, verbal irony brings cheerfulness to a situation. It also pokes fun at some situations and exposes double entendre. Some popular kinds of verbal irony are:

Sarcasm – Though many people confuse verbal irony with sarcasm, sarcasm is a common kind of verbal irony. Verbal irony is the opposite of what a person speaks so it might or might not contain a mocking tone. On the other hand, sarcasm aims to mock or express hatred. However, verbal irony does not intend to express hatred. Verbal irony is subtle but sarcasm is crude. Socratic irony – The Socratic irony is symbolized by ignorance. This is different from verbal agony because verbal agony is meaning using words for showing contrary to what is actually being said about a fact, person, or situation. People who use Socratic irony pretend to be ignorant. It is the method of showing dumbness to the opponents for retrieving knowledge or information. Understatement – Understatement is demeaning of the quality of a person or something. It means laying stress on the minuteness of things compared to their original sizes. This happens in the instance of physical descriptions. Overstatement – It shows exaggeration that happens in a hyperbolic statement. Whether you are lacking conceptual clarity on verbal irony or unable to manage assignments, you can count on our online academic writers for Verbal Irony assignment help.

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