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Physiology Assignment Help

Physiology is a branch of biology that deals with living organisms. It is the Scientific study of mechanisms within the cell, organ, organ system, biomolecules, organisms. It comes from ancient Greek word physis (nature, origin) + logia (study of). Physiology is further divided into medical physiology, animal physiology, plant physiology, cell physiology and comparitive physiology. Physiology is taught at undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral level. Most of the students studying physiology aspire to become health professionals. It requires burning of oil lamp day and night to study this subject. You have to give presentations, submit assignments, essays, case studies to get good grades. A student, being already overburdened, can contact assignment help tutors , BookMyEssay, and get physiology assignment help.

Women Physiologists

Initially, when the American Physiology society was formed in 1887, women were excluded from the society of physiologist scientists, but by 1902, first female member was added. Soon, after that, six more female members were added in 1915. Prominent women physiologists were:

  • Bodil Schmidt-Nielsen
  • Gerty Cori
  • Barbara McClintock
  • Gertrude Elion
  • Linda B. Buck
  • Françoise Barré-Sinoussi
  • Elizabeth Blackburn

Categorization of Sub Disciplines of Physiology

  1. Study on the basis of naming or taxa - human physiology, plant physiology, microbial physiology, viral physiology and animal physiology
  2. Study on the basis of biological organisation - cell physiology, molecular physiology, systems physiology, organismal physiology, ecological physiology, integrative physiology.
  3. Study on the basis of processes that cause psychological variations - developmental physiology, environmental physiology, evolutionary physiology
  4. Study in the basis of direction of research - applied or medical physiology, non-applied physiology

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Who Needs Physiology Assignment Writing Assistance?

There is no doubt in saying that, writing papers on physiology requires proper research and well drafting with lots of diagrams and references. The university also defines some guidelines on which these papers are to be written. The students have to follow all the guidelines and take all the steps to write a perfect essay. But these steps seems like a hurdle for some students. In such cases, students should consider taking academic writing guidance. One of the Physiology assignment writing assistance experts is BookMyEssay, who follow all the requirement to draft the assignment.

Some of the reasons, why students are not able to write essays on physiology are:
  • When the students get a topic for assignment, they are sometimes not able to connect to the topic. The students find it unfamiliar, thus it becomes difficult for them to research on the topic and write assignment.
  • In case, students get a hold on the topic, they are unable to do a proper research on it. There research skills are not strong enough or may be they don't have time to undergo the process of research.
  • Some students are good at research, have managed their time to write the essay but their writing skills are lousy. If so, students end up, writing low grade reports which donot convey the right idea of the research.
  • A report on topics related to physiology require good citation skills. Whenever you quote someone, it should be cited in a proper format. Some students are not well aware of it.

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Features of Assignments Delivered by BookMyEssay

BookMyEssay provides online assignment services and their helpdesk is open 24*7. The cherry on the cake is there affordable prices, which makes all the more comfortable to deal with. The other important aspects of getting assignments from them is :

These properties make assignments from BookMyEssay more wantable
  • 100% original content
  • Delivery under tight schedules
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  • Complete confidentiality
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  • Drafting skills as per the guidelines

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Career Opportunities in Physiology

Physiology helps in treating diseases and provides methods to cope with stress. Study of physiology opens many doors of career opportunities. Some are listed below :

  • Clinical exercise physiologists
  • Biomedical Scientists
  • Sports physiologists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Research
  • Teaching
How to Pursue Physiology?
  1. Clear class XII in Science stream with biology
  2. Pursue B.Sc. (hon.) In physiology or B.Sc.(hon.) In life sciences
  3. Pursue M.Sc.(hon.) In physiology or M.Sc.(hon.) In life sciences
  4. Pursue Ph.D
Pros and cons of a career in physiology Pros
  • Professional physiotherapists have aid individuals like athletes, gymnasts, sportsperson, patients etc. to recover from injury and lead a normal life.
  • These professionals have flexibility in terms of work environment i.e. they can work in fitness centre, hospitals, atheletic teams, laboratories etc.
  • Graduate in physiology can specialize in a number of fields
  • Working at odd hours
  • Working with atheletic teams or in horpitals may require additional certifications
  • The path to attain experience and proper education may be long.

Father of Modern Physiology

The father of modern physiology is found to be Claude Bernard. He was born about 200 years ago. He was a French physiologist. He was regarded as one of the greatest of all the men in science. He started the term milieu intérieur and the concept of homeostasis.

Why Study Physiology?

Physiology is the science of study of living organisms. It includes the cell, tissues, organs and the whole body. The main goal is to find out the the inner mechanism that operates a living organism and how they interact. Apart from this physiology is of utmost importance to study as it pins our understanding of diseases and helps us find ways to treat it more efficiently. The second perspective is psycological and philosophical perspective. We learn about the nervous system, gain subjective experience, which helps us control our learning and behaviour.

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The two major goals of physiology are:
  • Understanding the body's response to stimuli
  • Understanding how the body maintains itself in a continually changing environment

Research in physiology has led us to increase our understanding in how we move, reproduce, live, gain or loose weight, thrive. For these reasons, healthcare providers are required to have a strong grasp over the fundamentals of physiology.

Apart from healthcare providers, an average person should also have a basic understanding of physiology. So that we can have an understanding of our daily sleep, exercise and diet regime. Not only this, physiology can help us, know why our doctors make us eat less salt, exercise or take a medicine.

Study of how a body responds to stimuli is done by Integrative physiologists. Some examples of type of functions they study are :

  • Role of oxygen in metabolism. How does it determine the amount of calories we burn at rest and during exercise. It helps determine the cadiorespiratory fitness of a person.
  • Study of how body controls blood pressure. What happens to blood pressure when we exercise. What can be done to lower the blood pressure.
  • Role of salt in regulating body fluids. How does it increases the blood pressure and it's excess intake damages the tissue.

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