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Inferiority Complex Assignment Help

Inferiority complex is usually studied in psychology. It is used to describe the state of extreme feelings of inadequacy which usually results in the belief system that someone is not as important as other people. Inferiority complex usually hovers around feelings of inferiority, deficiency, and inadequacy, especially in comparison to other people.

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What are some of the Symptoms and Signs of Inferiority Complex?

Low self-esteem and insecurity: These two have got to be the most noticeable signs of inferiority complex. Feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem are due to the fact that you tend to be inferior to other people. You always feel that you are not as good as other people, therefore the feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem tend to creep in.

Not being able to achieve personal goals: Another strong indication of inferiority complex is not being able to accomplish your personal goals. This is because there is always something inside of you that constantly reminds you that you are not as good as other people. You usually compare other people at their best to you at your worst. This creates a debilitating feeling of being inadequate. This is such a strong emotion that it affects you mentally and them manifests physically with anything that you do.

Always trying to give up easily: Another strong sign that you may be plagued with an inferiority complex is when you are always looking to give up. People who suffer from the condition have a hard time following through with their tasks. This is because when the tasks become difficult, you feel as though you are unable to overcome this level of difficulty. This is a limitation in your thinking and it does affect you physically which makes you want to give up easily.

Thinking the worst: If you have a sign of inferiority complex, you feel that you are always prone to giving up. Inferiority complex as a condition will force you to always be negative in your thinking. It has a way of awakening that negative trait in your behavior. This way, you are always assuming the worst of everything.

Feelings of being down: Another sign of inferiority complex is feelings of being down. This may easily lead to depression. Inferiority complex as a condition limits you from achieving your true potential, therefore, when other people achieve theirs, you feel as though they are better than you. This way, you feel irrelevant, unimportant, and inferior. Nobody wants to feel this way. Any one of these emotions can get you down because it is our nature as humans to feel proud of ourselves and also important and relevant.

Experiencing depression and anxiety: Inferiority complex is a precursor to feeling depressed and anxious. This is a direct result of your inadequacy. As for the part with depression, it usually happens after anxiety. Anxiety usually sets in each time we want to do something important. Due to our feelings of inadequacy, we usually feel as though we are not good enough, this leads to feelings of inadequacy. If not handled properly, it may make us fail or do the wrong thing. This type of feeling has made so many people commit unforgivable bloopers or make mistakes in public. After this happens, it then leads to a long-term bout of depression.

Susceptible to criticism: People who have an inferiority complex usually are vulnerable to criticism. Instead of seeing criticism for what it is, they usually feel attacked and under threat. They lack the strong skin to accept and take any form of criticism for what it is. This type of person does not have thick skin and cannot take any form of constructive criticism.

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