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Cavium OCTEON Plus MIPS64 Assignment Help

BookMyEssay’s Cavium OCTEON Plus MIPS64 assignment help online provides concise information on the Cavium OCTEON Plus CN58XX family of Multi-core MIPS64 processors, which is designed for intelligent networking, control plane, storage, and wireless applications in next-generation equipment with performance ranging from 2 Gbps to full-duplex 10 Gbps (20 Gbps).

Each cnMIPS64 part has four to sixteen cnMIPS64 cores on a single chip that accommodate the latest networking I/Os, as well as advanced security and application hardware acceleration to provide 2x to 3x performance, power, and real-estate benefits over competing products. A lot of attention goes into academic work, and very little is left for project.

History of Cavium

Cavium introduced the OCTEON Plus family of 64-bit multi-core MIPS microprocessors in 2007. These processors are primarily targeted at network infrastructure, enterprise, and data center device manufacturers. The OCTEON Plus family is the successor to the OCTEON family, with twice the cache, twice the clock speeds, and twice the number of different acceleration units.

In late 2006, the OCTEON Plus family was announced as the successor to the original OCTEON family. The OCTEON Plus, like the previous family, is built on the cnMIPS microarchitecture. These new processors have twice the clock speeds of previous generations and include several incremental improvements such as a larger cache. Assignments like Cavium OCTEON require a lot of effort, which can be better supplemented with premium writing services providers like BookMyEssay.


Cavium OCTEAON permits pin and software compatibility with the industry-leading OCTEON CN38XX/CN36XX family 4-16 cnMIPSTM CPU cores with MMU (MIPS64/32 compatible):

  • Versions ranging from 600 MHz to 1 GHz are available.
  • Enhancement to MIPS64 integer instruction set (Release2)
  • Dual-issue, five-stage pipeline with optimized latencies
  • Memory stalls are reduced thanks to auto instruction pre-fetching and advanced data pre-fetching features.
  • 1MB or 2MB ECC protected 8-way set associative L2 cache with locking and partitioning features for optimal performance Integrated mainstream 128/144b DDR2 memory controller with ECC, supporting DDR2-800 memory.
  • For content-based processing, meta-data, and TCAM connectivity, additional low-latency 2x18b or 4x9b RLDRAM2 is available.


BookMyEssay’s Cavium OCTEON Plus MIPS64 assignment help marks quite a handful of benefits of Cavium OCTEON, among which a few include:

  • Double L1/L2 caches, up to 3x Interconnect bandwidth, and a 1 GHz Core delivers up to 2x performance over the OCTEON CN38XX.
  • Outstanding market performance, up to 32 billion instructions per second, cutting-edge application performance - up to 30 million packets per second 64B IP forwarding.
  • Bringing down the cost of standalone routers/appliances, line cards, and services cards.
  • Host and coprocessor implementations are possible thanks to the adaptable architecture.
  • No need for proprietary tools or micro-coding with this industry-standard programming model.
  • Software compatibility with OCTEON CN31XX and CN30XX makes it possible to scale up to 16 CPUs at a 2x - 3x advantage over alternative architectures.
  • In terms of performance and power, L4-L7 data and security services benefit from a 2x – 3x advantage over alternative system architectures.

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