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Cavium OCTEON Fusion Assignment Help

BookMyEssay’s Cavium OCTEON Fusion assignment help online is a comprehensive guide to the newly launched Cavium OCTEON, providing a thorough knowledge about the same to students in need. Cavium, Inc. has announced the OCTEON Fusion Family, the industry's most powerful small cell "Base Station-on-a-chip" family designed specifically for LTE and 3G small cell base stations, including picocell and micro base stations.

OCTEON Fusion processors integrate OCTEON's widely successful MIPS64-based multi-core architecture, purpose-built Baseband DSP cores, extensive LTE/3G hardware accelerators, and digital front end (DFE) functionality into a single chip, consequently, the cost of small cell base stations will decrease and the power envelope will diminish. Continue reading to know about its features and history.

About Cavium OCTEON Fusion

Marvell today announced the availability of its next-generation OCTEON Fusion CNF95XX baseband processors, as well as a new generation of OCTEON TX2 infrastructure processors. Together, the two products aim to enable 5G infrastructure equipment providers synergistically, vastly improving Marvell's product stack's capabilities. BookMyEssay’s team of online academic writers has carefully designed their Cavium OCTEON Fusion assignment help, making sure we don’t miss out on any information.

Following several years of successful 3G and 4G products, the new OCTEON Fusion family is Marvell's first baseband processor line-up designed with 5G capability. It should be noted that Marvell is still a relative newcomer to the macro cell business, having only released its first product, the CNF75XX, in 2015. Marvell is also one of the few "merchant" providers of such solutions, as most other vendors in the industry rely on third-party vendors.

Features of Cavium OCTEON Fusion
  • OCTEON Fusion processors combine OCTEON's proven and scalable L2-L7 multi-core technology, which is already used in a variety of tier-1 macro wireless equipment, with purpose-built, highly programmable baseband DSP cores and extensive 3G/4G hardware accelerators, as well as digital front end functionality, into a single chip.
  • Combining 2x to 6x 64-bit cnMIPS cores running at up to 2GHz with up to 8x highly optimized baseband DSPs running at up to 1GHz and several carefully designed hardware accelerator blocks interacting via a very high performance interconnect enables deterministic and low-latency data processing between protocol layers.
  • The chip's cellular 5G PHY capabilities are enabled by 40+2 DSP cores that handle the subsystem's software-defined architecture. Along with the custom VLIW DSP cores, we see a slew of fixed-function 4G/5G hardware accelerator blocks for signal encoding and decoding. A high-speed fabric connects the various blocks, and the memory subsystem is supported by a large 24MB shared memory cache. Interfacing to the radio units (RF) is made possible by 6x 25G SerDes links, which enable an industry-standard RoE (Radio over Ethernet) / eCPRI connection.

OCTEON TX2: A Infrastructure Processor for Networking

The new OCTEON TX2 sits behind the baseband processor in 5G deployments, but it is also designed to be used in a variety of other infrastructure and network applications. The goal of such designs is simple, but difficult to achieve: move around and process massive amounts of data as quickly as possible.

Up to 5 100G media access controllers are at the heart of the designs, enabling up to 200Gbps of data path throughput with the help of TX2 custom processors, scaling up from 4 cores to 36 cores in the largest design. The products are not only suitable for 5G deployments, but also for other networking, compute, and data-centre markets, as their design is inherently adaptable to the type of workloads they are used for.

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