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Branches of Chemistry Assignment Help

Who needs our quality Branches of chemistry assignment help? Chemistry as a science is a popular subject in many high schools. Chemistry as a discipline is a very holistic science that deals with chemicals and their varying properties. Chemistry as science comes with various branches. There are five primary branches of chemistry science. These five different branches are biochemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry.

The Various Branches Of Chemistry

Traditionally, chemistry as science comes with five main branches. They are biochemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry. However, in some cases, biochemistry is usually looked at as a subcategory of organic chemistry.

Chemistry is related to physics and biology. There are some branches of the subject that tend to overlap important areas with biology and physics. Also, some of these parts tend to overlap and have some common areas with engineering as a science. Also, as contained in our Branches of chemistry homework help service, each of these five branches of chemistry can further be subdivided into several subdivisions.

What Is Chemistry?

Chemistry is a natural science and is similar to both biology and physics in that regard. Chemistry shares various similarities with these other disciplines that there is considerable overlapping of the subjects. Chemistry as science involves the study of matter. These studies of matter include chemical bonds, chemical reactions, compounds, and atoms. Chemists are professionals in the science of chemistry that explore the various characteristics of matter. It also goes on to explore the structure of matter as well as its interaction with various other matter particles.

A General Overview Of The Various Branches Of Chemistry

There are five primary branches of chemistry. This shows an overview of the different branches of chemistry. They are:

Organic chemistry: This is a special part of chemistry that involves the study and analysis of carbon as well as its derivatives and compounds. This subject involves the study of the chemical processes of both lives as well as all the reactions that happen inside the bodies of living organisms. As it is, organic chemistry is a special part of the science that involves the study of organic reactions. This part of the science will also focus on the study of the properties and structure of various organic molecules, fuels, drugs, or polymers.

Inorganic chemistry: This is another important part of chemistry. Inorganic chemistry is the holistic study of the different compounds that are not involved in organic chemistry. Inorganic chemistry primarily focused on inorganic compounds. It can also be seen as the study of the compounds that do not have the C-H bond. There are some inorganic compounds that have carbon, however, a majority of them seem to have metals. Inorganic chemists are very interested in several topics. They are interested in solid-state compounds, cluster compounds, minerals, organometallic compounds, and ionic compounds.

Analytical Chemistry: This is the holistic study of the chemical properties of matter as well as the creation of special instruments that will be used to evaluate the various characteristics of matter. When it comes to analytical chemistry, includes qualitative and quantitative analysis, distillation, extractions, spectroscopy and spectrometry, electrophoresis, and chromatography. Analytical chemists are professionals that are known to develop various standards, instrumental, and chemical methods.

Biochemistry: This is the study of the various chemical processes which happen inside living organisms. Good examples of important molecules are neurotransmitters, drugs, lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and proteins.  In some cases, this discipline is usually seen as a subcategory of organic chemistry. As a natural science, Biochemistry has close similarities with genetics, cell biology, and molecular biology.

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