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Chemistry Assignment Help

Are you looking for Chemistry Assignment Help in UK? Do you get low grades on the Chemistry Assignment? Do you find Chemistry difficult to understand and difficult to complete its homework? The answer to all the questions is taking help from BookMyEssay. It is an assignment help provider. You can buy assignments online for Chemistry and get good grades to impress your faculty.

Chemistry is a subject which we study in middle school. This subject is somewhere between physics and biology. Chemistry calculations require maths too. Its organic and inorganic equations, atomic and molecular calculations, periodic tables make it a complicated subject. A lot of concentration, hard work, perseverance goes into learning chemistry and then executing its homework or assignment.

Chemistry Decoded

Chemistry is the study of elements and compounds, they are made of atoms and molecules, their composition, structure, behavior, and the change they undergo during a reaction with other substances. Chemistry gets a central position between physics and biology. It is also called central science because it gives an explanation for both basic and applied science.

History of Chemistry

The use of chemical substances for various works spans back to times of ancient civilizations. The humans of the civilizations used many technologies and did many activities that became the basis of Chemistry today. Some activities were extracting metal from ores, fermenting beer, pottery making, making perfume, using fat to make soap, making alloys, etc. The predecessor to Chemistry was Alchemy. It is an intuitive and nonscientific approach to understanding matter. Thus, it could not explain the properties of matter and its interactions.

Alchemists performed experiments, recorded results, and paved the way, and made a base for today's chemistry. A clear differentiation was made between Alchemy and Chemistry after the release of work  The Sceptical Chymist by Robert Boyle in 1661. Though both Alchemy and chemistry are related by matter and its transformation the main difference comes after the scientific methods followed by chemistry.

Chemistry became an established science after the contributions of Antoine Lavoisier, who discussed the matter and its conservation.

Types of Chemical Bonds

There are two types of chemical Bonds:

  1. Primary Bonds
  • Covalent bonds in which atoms share one or more electrons
  • Ionic bonds in which atoms donate one or more electrons to another atom to produce ions
  • Metallic bonds
  1. Secondary Bonds: e.g. hydrogen bonds, Vander Waals forces, ion-ion interaction, ion-dipole interaction.

Changes in the Definition of Chemistry

With new discoveries and theories, the definition of chemistry kept on changing.

  • The scientist Robert Boyle in 1661, considered the term ' chemistry to be the material principles of mixed bodies
  • The chemist Christopher Glaser, in 1663, described 'chemistry as the scientific art. Through chemistry, he believed, one can learn to dissolve bodies and then unite them again.
  • In 1730, the term 'chemistry', as used by Georg Ernst Stahl, was described as resolving bodies that may be compound, mixture, or aggregate into their principles.
  • Jean-Baptiste Dumas, in 1837, meant by the word 'chemistry' as a Science that involved laws of molecular forces.
  • The definition of Chemistry kept on evolving. By 1947, Linus Pauling, considered chemistry as the science of substances. It also covered the characteristics, structure, properties of that substance.
  • The definition was further broadened recently in 1998 by Prof. Raymond Chang. It said that Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes it undergoes.

The Chemistry essay writing experts are well versed with these definitions. For any other information regarding definitions of Chemistry, you can contact us.

Subdisciplines of Chemistry

There are many dedicated fields of chemistry:

  1. Analytical Chemistry: In this field of chemistry, materials are analyzed by using their samples to find out their chemical composition and structure. It uses standard experimental methods.
  2. Biochemistry: This chemistry deals with chemical reactions, chemical interactions taking place in an organism. It is closely related to molecular biology and genetics.
  3. Inorganic Chemistry: It deals with the study of properties and reactions of inorganic materials. There is much overlap between organic and inorganic materials, especially in organometallic materials.
  4. Materials Chemistry: This chemistry considers those substances which have a useful function. The study, understanding, characterization, and preparation of such substances are materials chemistry. This is a new type of study for graduate students. Its basic study involves the chemistry of condensed phases and the interface between these phases.
  5. Neurochemistry: This is the study of neurochemicals. The neurochemicals like lipids, peptides, proteins, transmitters, sugars, nucleic acids, etc. Here the role these chemicals play in modifying, forming, and maintaining the nervous system is studied.
  6. Nuclear Chemistry: Here, the way in which subatomic particles assemble and form nuclei is studied.
  7. Organic Chemistry: It is the study of properties, characteristics, composition, structure, and reaction of organic material. Carbon-based materials are called organic materials.
  8. Physical Chemistry: This study considers the chemical and fundamental basis of chemical systems. It has an overlap with molecular physics and chemical physics. Physical chemistry is associated with quantum chemistry and theoretical chemistry.
  9. Theoretical Chemistry: It is the study of chemistry through reasoning. It has a large overlap with molecular physics.

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Job Profiles After B.Sc. Chemistry

  1. Chemist: It is the profession in which the chemist analysis and tests a chemical substance to improve its quality.
  2. Pharmacy Assistant: They work in hospitals or licensed pharmacists. Their work is to dispense medicines or medical products to the patients.
  3. Lab Assistant: Their work is to process samples, notice samples. They are skilled in basic lab processes and equipment.
  4. Toxicologists: They study the safety and biological effect of chemicals on living organisms.
  5. Biochemist: They research the effect of drugs and food on biological processes. They analyze the effect of enzymes, DNA, and molecules.

Other than the above-mentioned jobs there are many other jobs like a lecturer, research analyst, technical writer, cytologist. You can get into one of the professions if you pass graduation in chemistry with flying colors. For good grades, you have to submit up to the mark assignments and homework. Students can always rely on academic report-writing experts and buy chemistry case study help.

Father of Modern Chemistry

Antoine Lavoisier (1743 to 1794 AD), is considered the father of modern chemistry, in literature. He was from Paris, a nobleman, and chemist. He influenced the chemical revolution to a large extent. His findings have an effect on both histories of Chemistry and Biology.

His noted contributions include the naming of oxygen and hydrogen. He is also regarded for his contribution to the discovery of the role of oxygen in combustion. He helped in the construction of the metric system. Lavoisier predicted that there may be silicone present. He discovered that it's possible for mass to charge shape but its mass remains the same.

The assignments in Chemistry address a vast range of topics. The central idea is matter, its properties, its characters, its transformation. As discussed above it has five major areas, namely organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, and biochemistry. Students find it difficult to write assignments in Chemistry because it requires thorough learning of chemical equations and good practice of practical chemistry. Thus, students should concentrate on learning lessons and leave the rest to us regarding Chemistry Assignment Help in Newcastle.

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