Most Famous Codes and Cipher in History

The codes and ciphers are nothing but the form of cryptography. The word cryptography is derived from the Greek word “Kryptos” which means hidden and “graphic” which means writing. These both transform into the messages that are known to the one who knows these forms.

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Anyways, in codes and ciphers, the cipher refers to the individual letters whereas the code refers to the word.

These were Widely Used During Military Campaigns:

Great Paris Cipher: One of the most famous ciphers is the “Great Paris Cipher”. It was featured in 1400 words with a lot of complexities. It was used by Napoleon. Ceaser Cipher: The Ceasar Cipher is the second one and is known as the oldest Cipher. It is also the simplest of all in the encryption of all the messages. More Code: The third one is Morse Code. It is the method that is used to refer the words into dots and dashes. In the 1830s it was invented by Samuel Morse. Flag Semaphore: The fourth Cipher is Flag Semaphore. It is used to convey the message from a distance. It is also called the telegraphy system. The messages are conveyed by showing the flags, rods, paddles, discs, and bar or gloved hands as well. Enigma Code: The fifth one is the Enigma code. To transmit coded messages, Germans used this method during WW2.

These are one of the most commonly used codes and ciphers in history. These are not only the five codes and ciphers that are famous but there are also many more codes and ciphers which were commonly used and were very famous.

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