2018 Top Universities That Offer Course In Classics & Ancient History

Do you want to study classic and ancient history and want to know top universities that offer course in the subject, then here is the history assignment help for you. The top 10 Universities in the World that Offer Courses in Ancient History and Classic are Here

Sapienza - Università di Roma from Italy is topping the list. The university has top faculty and resources to impart the best quality education to students. And students from different corners of the world come here to pursue graduation and post graduation program in the same subject.

University of Oxford – The university is the second-ranked all over the world. It is known for imparting the best education worldwide. The university is in the United Kingdom. University of Cambridge – This is another university from the United Kingdom and ranked third in terms of offering quality education in classic and ancient history. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München – The university is in Germany and one of the best for taking different courses. For studying classic and ancient history, this is the fourth top university in the worldwide. Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) – This university is in France and ranked fifth worldwide.

Harvard University - This is one of the famous universities in the United States, and it is known for its quality education. Students from across the world dreams to study in this university and strive hard to take admission here. For Classic and ancient history study this university rank sixth in the top ten lists.

Leiden University - This is the second University in United States that offers best study atmosphere in classic and the Ancient History study, and it is ranked seventh in the top 10 list. The students who are interested in pursuing courses in the United States have two options to explore.

Humboldt Univerity Zu Berlin - This University is in Germany, and this is the second option in Germany for studying classic and ancient history.

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg - This is the third top university for pursuing classic and ancient history in Germany. So, Germany has total three Universities which are among the top 10 for the history study.

Princeton University - In United States Princeton University is one of the most prestigious institution. And this ranked 10th in the top 10 University worldwide for studying History subject.

So, now when you have the list of top 10 universities for the study of history subject, now let's have a look on the assessment that they follow.

All these Universities have two ways of assessing the student knowledge about the subject. The first one is assignment and the second is the examination. University gives an assignment and essay writing task to students in each semester for every subject they are studying in the course and students are required to make the assignment as best as it can be.

The second one is the regular examination.  University undertakes examination in each semester and access student based on the marks obtained in the exam.

The students who face difficulty in writing the assignments take the professional academic assignment help from the firm like BookMyEssay. As far as the regular examinations are a concern, they prepare for it by studying hard. This is way students ensure good grades in both assignment as well as examination.

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