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Axial Force Diagram Assignment Help

The compression or tension force acting in a member is known as axial force. Concentric loading occurs when an axial force acts via the member's centroid. Eccentric loading occurs when a force does not act through the centroid. Because the load is a long way from the centroid, eccentric loading causes a moment in the beam.

The image to the right shows an interesting example of axial loading. What would happen if a pogo stick person attempted to jump with only one foot? They wouldn't be able to stay upright, for sure. When jumping on a pogo stick, make sure the force is acting concentrically to the pogo stick's centroid. If you're in this situation. Students may better understand this subject with the help of BookMyEssay's Axial Force Diagram Assignment Help online. The best homework writers on our team are well aware that students frequently lack the time to complete the necessary research for assignment writing while still having to submit papers by the deadlines. Because our specialists customize their work to the needs of the students, BookMyEssay's Axial Force Diagram Assignment Help is the ideal option. At, you can locate the provider of subject assignments.

What is Axial Force?

An axial force is a load that acts along the length of a structure or perpendicular to the cross-section of the structure. Furthermore, the line of force passes via the cross-sectional center of gravity of the member. An axial compression load is one that tends to compress the member along its line of action and, by convention, has a negative sign. It is an axial tension load with a positive sign if the load extends the member along its line of action.

How to Calculate?

The axial force, axial stress, and cross-sectional area are the three main factors for carrying out calculations when dealing with axial loading on a member. So, for the area, the shape of the member perpendicular to the force direction is of relevance. The most frequent load-carrying elements are round or quadrilateral in shape. Although, for engineering structures, triangular cross-sections and various shapes exist. The directions of individual loads on the member are added together to determine the resulting force magnitude and direction for the axial force.

How to Read an Axial Force Diagram?

A graphical representation of the axial force over the length of a part with a suitable scale and sign system is called an axial force diagram. The x-axis indicates the member's length, while the y-axis measures the magnitude of force at each position along the structure. It is necessary to know how to make this diagram in order to comprehend how to read it, as the steps below demonstrate.

Steps to Draw Axial Force Diagram?

  • Make a free-body schematic of the structure first.
  • Place vertical lines at each position where there is a load shift along the length of the member to guarantee uniformity between the free body diagram and the force diagram.
  • After that, draw a horizontal axis depicting the member's length and the force's zero line.
  • After that, decide on a scale for each axis and a sign convention for the y-axis. Tensile loads are shown by positive y-axis values, while compressive loads are indicated by negative y-axis values.
  • If there is a free end, begin sketching the force diagram from it. Because this aids in determining reaction values at any fixed end and can reveal flaws in previous estimates,
  • The magnitude of the axial force along that segment of the member is represented by a straight horizontal line when sketching. After that, proceed upwards for tensile loads and downwards for compressive loads at each loading point indicated by vertical lines. If the load is concentrated, the change will be abrupt, as indicated by a vertical line. The shift is gradual for a distributed load, as indicated by a diagonal line.
  • Finally, the force magnitude should always begin from zero and end at zero as a check to ensure that the force diagram is proper.

Behavior Vs Other Types of Forces

The consequences of axial forces on a structure are commonly understood to be compression and tension. There are many various forms of forces that cause a member to be loaded in different ways. The sections that follow compare and contrast some of these forces.

Normal Force vs. Axial Force: The normal force is the ground or surface reaction that occurs when two surfaces come into contact. Axial and normal forces are sometimes misunderstood to be the same. However, there are a few distinctions between them.

Axial and Radial Forces: When working with a cylindrical object, you can compare axial and radial forces. Or a spinning object around a fixed point, such as a shaft. The table below illustrates some of the variations in the forces using this shaft as an example.

Torque vs. Axial Force: To begin, it's important to understand that torque is not the same as force. It is, rather, a moment caused by a torsional or rotational force. As a result, both characteristics are intrinsically distinct, limiting the comparison foundation. Torque can, however, be converted to an axial force. This happens when a rotating force is applied to a bolt or screw, causing the bolt or screw to translate.

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