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Apache Ant Assignment Help

You can quality Apache Ant Assignment help from BookMyEssay. We are a certified provider of many assignment solutions that have to do with any Apache applications. Are you struggling with your Apache Ant assignments? BookMyEssay is an experienced provider of the best assignment support solutions for all students. We have taken the time to perfect our assignment delivery systems. This means that students are guaranteed to get the best assignment solutions and services. We have streamlined our assignment ordering processes to ensure that students get their solutions before the deadline.

A Background on Apache Ant

The Apache Ant is a software application that is used to automate the process of building software. This tool has its origins from the project known as the Apache Topcat that was done in the early 2000s. The project was executed to create a replacement for Unix, the Make build tool. Apache Ant resembles Make but can be implemented by using the Java language. It also works using the Java platform. However, Ant is different from Make because it uses the XML for the description of the code build process as well as its dependencies, while Make makes use of the Makefile format.

The Origin of the Apache Ant: Apache Ant was originally authored by James Duncan Davidson. However, it is claimed to have been developed by the Apache Software Foundation. The first version of the application had been launched on 19 July 2000. The application is written in Java by using the Java SE platform by using a build tool. The Apache Ant is a project that uses an open-source protocol. The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) released the Apache Ant under the Apache License.

More Case Studies on Apache Ant: Our Apache Ant Assignment help online comes with a serious case study on the software application. Ant is responsible for supplying several in-built tasks that make it possible for the compilation, assembly, testing, and running of Java applications. The Ant software application can be used effectively also for building non-Java applications for example C++ or C applications. In a more general sense, Ant works as a tool that can be used for piloting any form of process which can best be described in terms of tasks and targets. Ant is an application that is written by using Java.

The History of the Apache Ant: Ant is the short form for Another Neat Tool and was developed by James Duncan Davidson while preparing a tool for Sun Microsystem. Ant was built by using a proprietary edition of Make, through the Solaris platform. However, in the world of open-source applications, there is no way of managing the platform that will be used in building the Tomcat. Therefore, Ant was developed in the form of a simple tool that was independent of any platform for building the Tomcat with directives used with the XML build file. The Ant currently stops at version 1.1 which was released officially as a lone product back in July 19, 2000.

Development of the Second Version of Ant

There have been several proposals to develop the second version of the Ant application. These second versions have been given fancy names like the AntEater from James Duncan Davidson. Another possible and name was given by Peter Donald, who suggested the name, Myrmidon. Also, Conor MacNeil was able to come up with the name known as Mutant. However, it happened that the developer community failed to accept any of the new version names.

There was a time when Ant was the preferred build tool that was used by a majority of Java development projects. For instance, the developers that had the most open-source protocol had build.xml files included in their distribution.

Ant made integrating Junit tests with this build process trivial, it makes it possible for developers to easily adopt extreme programming and test-driven development. Apache created a new tool in 2014 that has a similar function. This tool was known as Maven. Also, another software called Gravy was developed in 2008. This software had the same similarity to Apache Ant but rather than use XML, Graven made use of groovy as well as a few other software languages.

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