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Truth Table Solver Assignment Help

Are you in need of quality and premium truth table solver assignment help online? This is a very elusive topic in mathematics. It can be very tricky and challenging to understand this evasive subject from mathematics. This is why BookMyEssay, an Australian-based academic solutions provider has recruited the best truth table solvers to help students excel with their assignments.

An Overview of a Truth Table

A truth table is a tabular presentation of all the possible outcomes of a mathematical problem. A truth table is a set of instructions that is used to send a particular message. Truth tables usually involve the use of tables. Before you solve a truth table, you will need to understand the particular truth table of the problem.

Then you will then produce a truth table that will help you visualize all the possible scenarios of this problem. It is important to know truth tables as this is an essential necessity to understand discrete mathematics as contained in our  assignment writing help.

A truth table can be used to find the possible outcome for a specific equation.

Steps to Solving Truth Tables

Your truth table is the best way to present all the possible scenarios for a mathematical problem. The following steps are used to solve truth tables:

Understand the truth table: You will use the truth table to visualize the possible scenarios of a given problem. In this case, using the simple equation, ~P∆q.

Know your symbols: Our truth table solver assignment help guide will introduce you to all the symbols used in solving truth tables. With our equation, ~p∆q, the interpretation of the symbols is:

~ = negation

P,q = variables

∆ = “and”

One of the first stages of solving a truth table is to properly understand the signs. In this case, the sign “~” in this situation means negation. Both “q” and “p” are variables. Additionally, the symbol ∆ means “and”. In this case, you read the equation as “not p and q”. This means that the equation is valid when q is true and p is not true.

Formatting your truth table: According to the truth table solver assignment help, there is a criterion for presenting the actual truth table. Before proceeding, you will need to break up the problem with each variable. With this equation, before you get to create the table, the equation should be disintegrated to ~p∆q, q, ~p, and p. This should be used to format the truth table.

Assigning what is true and false

In this table, we have two variables from the equation. These two variables are p and q. This means that for each variable, we have four possibilities. For p, you will share it with half of the slots assigned as T (true) while the other half will be assigned as F (false).


To assign true and false values for ~p, you can assign the opposite sign of p. This is possible because ~p has an opposite sign as p.

The variable “q

When writing for q, you should alternate between F and T. This will help you attain each possible sign combination. Because the equation focuses only on the variable, ~p, the column for p can be ignored if we have to go fund the truth of the equation. What the “∆” symbol means is that for this equation to have a true value, q and ~p should be true.

Finding solutions for false in the last column

In the first row of the truth table, because we have ~p as F and q as T, ~p∆q results in F only in the case that ~p is assigned as F while q is assigned as T. The only way that this equation will be equal to T is only when we have q as T and ~p as T.

Finding solutions for truth in the last column

After finding the values for false in the last column, next we find the solutions for true. Based on our Truth table solver assignment help, it means that all the values in the third row will be T.

Finishing the truth table: Finally, you have to make sure that you have the correct table. Check your signs and the last column. Your last column should provide a result that is the possible permutations from the equation variables.

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