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Students write essays at different times during their studies in the university. They are expected to write clear and concise essays to help drive home their points. Most academics and lecturers expect students to understand the art of crafting a perfect essay. Throughout their studies at various times, students will be expected to write their essays and result statements. From personal statements, application letters, to motivational statements, students will be expected to create a perfect write up.

BookMyEssay is a top essay writing company and has successfully assisted and supported thousands on their quests to make the best applications. We do this by creating a unique and authentic essay piece for the student. With a high success rate, we have helped many students gain admissions, scholarships, internships, full-time/part-time jobs, and so on. Our team of literary experts apply some of the best essay writing techniques to create the best student essay.

What is an Essay?

An essay is a short written work that is used to present the argument of the author from their own perspective. An essay can either be informal or formal and is used by online essay writer to convey important information .

Formal essays: These are the types of essays that are known for their serious objectives, long-length, logical organization, dignity, and so on.

Informal essays: These are the types of essays that have a known personal element such as confidentiality, individual experiences and tastes, self-revelation, graceful style, humor, a novel theme and unconventionality.

The Use of Essays

Essays are usually needed for applications, political manifestos, literary criticism, learned arguments, daily life observations, the author’s reflections and recollections. Nearly all modern essay works are usually written in a literary writing style known as a process, however, other works written in verses have also be called essays. Due to the demand for all essays to have some literary depth and quality, a top essay writing company will usually help writers and students perfect their essays.

The Four Primary Types of Essays

An essay is a written piece of writing that is used to persuade or to inform. A top essay writing service provider company should be able to write compelling literary works in the form of the four principal types of essays. What are the four major types of essays?

1). Argumentative essays: This type of essay is used to present an evidence-based and extended argument. It is usually written with a solid thesis statement – which is a clearly-defined and precise standpoint on the topic. An example of an argumentative essay is - Why you think the UK variant of English language is more complete than the US variant?

2). Expository essays: This is the type of essay that is used to create a focused and clear explanation of a given topic. This type of essay can be written without any original argument. It is usually written with an informative, a well-organized and balanced perspective on the topic. An example of the expository essay is – A thesis to expose some of the unknown facts of the Universe.

3). Narrative essays: This is the type of essay that requires the writer to tell a story. The narrative essay is used to compel the writer to tell a story which can be from a personal experience. This type of essay can also be an imaginative piece like a fictitious piece of work. An example of the narrative essay is – Write about your trip to Antarctica.

4). Descriptive essays: This is the type of essay that is used to provide an information description of an object. They are pretty similar to the narrative essays as they give the author the ability to write with good creativity. This type of essay seems to be more tightly-focused compared to narrative essays. For instance, you could be asked to describe an object or a place, instead of narrating the entire story. An example of a descriptive essay is – Highlight some of the principal components of a modern data center.

What are the Most Important Components of an Essay?

A top essay writing company should be able to understand that there are five main components of an essay. These components help the writer organize and sort out their points in the most logical way possible. They are:

The introduction: The introduction is the first section of the essay. With this part, it usually starts off the essay and tells the reader the topic of the essay. The introduction also has the thesis statement which is a concise and clear statement to present your argument.

First body paragraph: This is the essay’s second part and contains the strongest view of the thesis statement of your essay.

Second body paragraph: This is the essay’s third part and should also provide a supporting compelling point to buttress the main point of the thesis.

Third body paragraph: Usually the fourth part and final body paragraph of the essay. This usually works in an essay of five paragraphs. It usually has the weakest or least important point to support the thesis statement.

The Features of BookMyEssay to Providing World-Class Essay Support Services for Students

BookMyEssay is a top essay writing company that provides quality and authentic essays for students from all parts of the world. We are a front-line affordable price essay writing help providers that offer a lot of other support and assignment services for students. When it comes to our essay help online, we have a team of literary writers that are skilled in providing essays of the best qualities. We can write any type of essay from the different categories.

We also help students with their research papers, case study reports, evaluative tasks, and different assessment reports. We also provide essay proofreading and essay editing services for all our clients. We have invested in various tools and applications to help produce quality and authentic essays for all our students.

As a top essay writing company, we care bout the welfare of all students. We are aware that many students live under a tight budget. This is why we have lowered our prices to ensure that all students are able to afford our services.



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