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Many students find it hard to write a compelling story. Stories are usually written and completed by those who have a passion for stories. If you lack a basic skill on the art of storytelling, then you would find yourself struggling to write stories when you are given as assignments. Story writing is usually given to students offering English, Literature, and other related courses. We know that story writing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. This is why many students will flunk their assessment writing and exams when they are expected to write a story. BookMyEssay is an academic support platform that offers story writing help to all students looking to maximize their grades from story writing assignment for University.

What is Story?

A story is a creative narrative which contains either fictional or real characters that are brough together into a particular circumstance or event. Story writing is an important knowledge area of the English language because it gives the student the ability to understand the basic format and structure of how they can write a story. A story writing help provider is a professional writer that have been trained to help students and offer homework writing help. which is accurate and quality stories. This bring us to story writing. What does story writing mean?

 What is Story Writing?

Story writing is a method of writing that involves writing in fiction. Most story writing patterns include a simpler manner of writing and they would naturally have their own flows. The act of writing a story will usually cover five essential elements. These elements are:

  • The theme of the story,
  • The conflict of the story,
  • The story’s setting,
  • The plot of the story,
  • A character in the story ( an antagonist and a protagonist).

With the help of story writing, the best UK writer is able to share their experiences by using characters that are placed in a physical environment and the plot, which is used to make this story worth all the attention that it gets. The story also contains an element known as a conflict or connection among the primary characters. The story’s theme involves the message that it will like to share to its readers. This is more like the moral of the story.

 What is a Short Story?

A short story is a type of story that is written solely for the purpose of entertainment. It can be a story based on morals, entertainment, or both. A short story has a key element: this is the importance of the narrative to come with a grammatical structure that can be understood easily. It should have a flow of speech that is natural to ensure that the reader is able to fully comprehend the narrative. A short story can be in any format, and they can be told with the use of various narrative forms such as an audio-video, a visual, an oral, or a written format.

 Elements of a Story

A Story Writing Help is a professional online academic writer that understands the core element of a story. Most stories whether short or long, will usually have elements that are intended to make it an exciting piece of writing. The elements of a story are:

  • Setting
  • Plot
  • Characterization
  • Climax
  • Conflict
  • Resolution
  • Point of view
  • Theme

Writing a story will usually need a great combination of imagination and creativity. The narrative of the tory has to be structured in such a way that it is successfully able to convey the right meaning behind the story. The main objective of creating structures of a story is describe, narrate, and move the audience or the reader a certain way.

How to Write Your Own Story

Whether you are writing a book on your own, or given a story writing academic assignment in school, a story writing help will always help you produce quality and accurate narratives. However, students who are curious enough can also learn to write their own story. To write a story, you can begin by looking for ideas and topics for the story. Looking for the right ideas and topics will help you create stories that are engaging and appealing. The general process of writing a story is as below:

Look for a Good Main story Idea/Title/Subject Matter: This is the first thing that you need for writing a story. This is your premise.

Create a Simple Story Outline: From the main idea of the story, you can now create a basic outline of the entire story.

Insert Your Main Protagonist(s): You will also need to spend tine creating the right protagonists for the story.

Create an Intriguing and Engaging First Story Line: You will need to create an enchanting and mesmerizing first line to attract any casual reader.

Build up on Every One of The Characters: You need to cautiously develop your characters. The bring flavor, flow, and flair to the narrative of your story.

Write Your Story: After putting all ideas together, you may start writing the story.

Edit and Proofread The Story: You can then decide to edit and proofread your story if need be.

BookMyEssay: Taking the Art of Story Writing to a Different Level

BookMyEssay is a company that was started by academic visionaries. Our aim is to take out the stress and anxiety from the life of college students. When it comes to our story telling capabilities, no other platform does it better than us. We have mastered the art of storytelling enough to be able to produce any type of story. We provide excellent story writing help to students which is 100% original content that they usually recognize our flair and talent from our solutions.

We have a team of professional story writers that know how to create both fictional and non-fictional narratives. We have mastered all types of stories that we can easily produce any type of story based on the demand from a student. As professional story writers, we can produce all types of stories: from actual movie scripts to YouTube brand storytelling and to theatre drama. Our story writing services are not listed to English language alone, we also tell brand stories and so on.

When it comes to BookMyEssay story writing help services, BookMyEssay gets instructions and guidelines from the student to produce the best story narratives. Story writing is part of our core business functions as we started out writing essays for students. However, we have grown to become a brand in the online academic support industry that focuses on providing solutions to difficult assignments for college students. BookMyEssay is a top platform for essay writing service, stories, dissertation writing, projects, research paper writing help, thesis help online, term papers, case study writing help reports, design assignments, laboratory works, and so on.



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