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Plant physiologist assignment help

Who needs a plant physiologist assignment help? This is a specialized field and requires the touch of a professional.

An Overview of Plant Physiology

Plant physiology is a subcategory of botany. As a professional course, plant physiology deals with the physiology or functioning of plants. Plant physiology is also related to other fields. It is closely related to:

Plant Morphology: This is the study of the physical properties as well as the external makeup of plants. This is very different from plant anatomy, which deals with the study of the internal organs of plants.

Plant Ecology: This is a discipline that studies the interaction of plants and the physical environment.

Phytochemistry: Phytochemistry involves the study of the different types of phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are special plant-based chemicals that are obtained from plants.

Cell Biology: Cell biology is also referred to as cytology or cellular biology. This is a field of biology that deals with the study of cell behavior, function, and structure.

Molecular Biology: This is a special field of biology that tries to know the molecular fundamentals of biological activities within cells and between them. These include molecular synthesis, interactions, mechanisms, and modification.

Plant Physiologist Assignment Help: Some Important Areas Studied by Plant Physiologists

Plant physiologists are experts when it comes to studying all types of things about plants. They are experts when it comes to various fundamental processes involved in plants. They study processes like:

  • Photosynthesis in plants,
  • Plant respiration,
  • Plant nutrition,
  • The functioning of plants hormones,
  • Nastic movements,
  • Tropisms,
  • Photoperiodism
  • Physiology of environmental stress
  • Circadian rhythms
  • Photomorphogenesis,
  • Plant seed germination,
  • Plant transpiration,
  • Dormancy and stomata function
Plant Physiologist Assignment Help: What are the Aims of Plant Physiology?

Plant physiology as a field aims to study all the internal activities that happen in plants. It involves all the physical and chemical processes as they happen in plants. This study includes research and evaluations executed at different levels of time and size. At the lowest level are molecular plant interactions such as photosynthesis as well as internal diffusion of nutrients, minerals, and water. At the highest level are several processes such as reproductive control, dormancy, seasonality, and plant development. When it comes to planting physiology, there are various major subdivisions. These are:

  • Phytopathology: This is a study of all the diseases that occur in plants.
  • Phytochemistry: This is the discipline that deals with plant biochemistry.
  • Plant physiology comes with a scope that can be divided into various research areas as contained in our Plant physiologist assignment to help

Plant Biochemistry

Our plant physiologist assignment help also includes the total biochemistry of plants. This holistic study involves the study of the chemical elements that form the total buildup of a plant. These chemicals are sulfur, phosphorous, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, etc. Based on these chemicals, it is similar to all other forms of life such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and animals. However, it is only the details of their sole molecular structures that differ.

However, in spite of this inherent similarity, plants are known to produce a wide spectrum of chemical elements that have unique properties. These chemical compounds enable the plants to function properly within their environments.

Plant Physiologist Assignment Help: Some Chemicals Produced by Plants

Plants produce a lot of chemicals. Plant pigments are generally used for the detection or absorption of lights. These same pigments are useful to human beings as a dye. Several other products of plants can be used to make biofuel or rubber, which are commercially important products. However, the most important plant compounds are those that have some form of pharmacological activity like salicylic acid. Aspirin is obtained from salicylic acid. Other important compounds include digoxin and morphine. Many drug companies usually spend billions of dollars every year trying to research various plant compounds due to their potential benefits to medicine.

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