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Personality Disorder Assignment Help

Our personality disorder assignment help online can help you scale your personality disorder assignments and homework. Do you struggle with your assignments? Or maybe you simply want a reliable assignment solutions provider that will guarantee you those high grades and scores, BookMyEssay is your best partner when it comes to getting accurate and premium assignment solutions.

An Overview of a Personality Disorder

A personality disorder is a form of mental disorder whereby the person has an unhealthy and rigid thinking pattern, behaving, and functioning. Anybody that is suffering from a personality disorder will not be able to relate to other people or situations nor perceive them. Due to their condition, people with personality disorders usually have limitations and problems in terms of schooling, work, activities, and relationships.

Special facts about personality disorders In some cases, people with personality disorders usually do not realise the condition because their thinking and behaviour seem natural to them. They are liable to blame other people for their challenges Personality disorders typically begin in early adulthood or during the teenage years. There are various common forms of personality disorders. Some types usually become less noticeable during the middle ages. Symptoms of personality disorders

According to our personality disorder assignment help in UK, the common forms of personality disorders are classified into three clusters. This classification is based on similar symptoms and characteristics. Many people suffering from a certain type of personality disorder may likely exhibit symptoms and signs of at least one more personality disorder. For you to be diagnosed with a particular disorder, it is not necessary to show all the symptoms and signs.

The Different Clusters of Personality Disorders

There are different clusters of personality disorders. These are: Cluster A personality disorders

This type of personality disorder is known for being responsible for eccentric, odd behaviours or thinking. Examples of Cluster A personality disorder includes Schizotypal, schizoid, and paranoid personality disorders. Common traits for the type of people in this class include:

  • Always in distrust and suspicious of other people and their motives.
  • Unjustly suspecting the trustworthiness or loyalty of other people.
  • Always feeling non-threatening situations or innocent remarks as personal attacks or insults.
  • Hostile or angry reactions are seen as insults or slights.
  • Ability to begrudge people.
  • Having no or little interest in sexual relationships with other people.
  • Inability to enjoy a majority of activities.
  • Discomfort or social anxiety with relationships.
  • Always believing that you have the ability to decide casual events or incidents and that they are only meant for you.
  • Responding suspiciously, inappropriately, or indifferently to other people.
Cluster B personality disorders

This type of personality disorder is responsible for extreme, dramatic emotional or unpredictable behaviour or thinking. These include narcissistic, histrionic, borderline, and antisocial personality disorders. Common traits of the people in this class include:

  • Disregard for other people’s feelings or needs
  • Always violating other people’s rights.
  • Disregard for other people’s or your safety.
  • Impulsive behaviour.
  • Not feeling remorse for your bad behaviour.
  • Fragile or unstable self-image.
  • Fluctuating mood is a reaction to stress from interpersonal relationships.
  • Continuously feeling empty.
  • Frequent and extreme showing of anger.
  • The paranoia is triggered by stress.
  • Always looking for attention.
  • Can be influenced easily by other people.
  • Extremely worried about your physical appearance.
  • Having a belief about being more important to other people.
  • Always exaggerating one’s talents or achievements.
  • Always envying other people or thinking that other people are envious of you.
  • Always expecting admiration and praise from other people.
  • Failure to be mindful of the feelings and needs of other people.
  • At the risk of self-injury or suicidal thoughts.
  • Intense and unstable relationships.
Cluster C personality disorders

This classification of personality disorders is responsible for fearful, anxious behaviour or thinking. Examples of the disorder includes, obsessive-compulsive, dependent, and avoidant personality disorders. Common traits of the people in this class include:

  • Sensitivity to rejection or criticism.
  • Avoid meeting strangers or new activities and feelings of being socially isolated, timid, and inhibited.
  • Dear of ridicule, embarrassment, or disapproval.
  • Clinging or submitting to other people.
  • Lacking self-confidence and not being able to do or start projects by yourself.
  • Obsessed with rules, orderliness, and details.
  • Always wanting to control people, situations, and tasks.
  • Unable to get rid of worthless or broken objects.

How to Get a Professional Personality Disorder Assignment Help

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