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Network Programming Assignment Help

Network programming has been the most sought-after study topic with the advent of the internet. And with social media advancements, a lot of network programmer jobs have come up. Network programming is mostly studied as a subject while doing Engineering in computer science or Electronics & Communication or in IT. The students who have taken Computer Networks, Network Programming, Information Engineering, Internet Technologies, Computer Network Security, Computer Science, System, and Networking- topics, as core or specialization, in their degree will be required to write an assignment on topics related to Network Programming. While in this subject network comprises of a combination of computers connected to the internet. The assignments, homework, dissertation, or thesis in this subject requires skills in Programming. Students can always rely on us and get Network Programming assignment help from a Programming assignment writing expert at an economical cost.

What is a Network?

Network here refers to "Computer Network". A computer network refers to interconnected computers which basically transfer information and data through the Internet. There are a billion devices like desktops, tablets, mobile phones, servers connected to each other via the internet. This is called a network. These devices aim to interact and communicate with each other to share resources of all types. Networks are basically distinguished by their topology. The topologies are defined by the way the devices are connected to each other. It can be a star, bus, ring, mesh, tree topologies.

Introduction to Network Programming

Network or Computer Network is a topic that involves the connection of nodes(that can be personal computers, servers, etc), that use a set of communication protocols over digital interconnections for the purpose of sharing resources, kept at remote distances. The connection between computers is done with the help of programming which is done in different computer languages like Python, Perl, Java, C, etc.

Network Programming or Computer Network Programming involves writing computer programs to help processes to communicate with each other across a computer network. The experts at BookMyEssay are well versed with the basic and advanced knowledge of Network Programming because they themselves have degrees in Computer Networks or related courses.

Topics for Network Programming Assignment Help

The Programming Assignment Experts at BookMyEssay provide homework assignment help online on the topics that come under the broad topic of Network Programming. The assignment writing tutors do proper research on the topic allotted by your faculty and then provide Network Programming assignment help in UK. Some of the topics on which students are given assignments are :

Networking Basics | Network protocols | client-server in-network | Network Security | SSL | UDP sockets | HTTP overview | DNS | Socket overview | OSI model | I O MODELS | Pipes | TCP ECHO | SNMP

You can always buy assignments online as our assignment help desk is open 24*7. Our assignment provider gives top-quality Network Programming homework writing help services to ensure that you get the best grades. The experts have vast knowledge in the field of Network Programming. They produce reports, essays, homework after proper research on the Programming part.

9 Hot Programming Languages for Network Programmers

If you are a network engineer, system administrator or infrastructure professional knowing two to three programming languages is always handy. Data centers these days are getting populated with software-defined infrastructures. To manage such infrastructure, you should be versed in the language your software-defined network (SDN) or software-defined storage (SDS) was written.

In addition, more and more shops are moving towards automation. Though automation tools are able to handle some of the work it's always a good idea for the administrator to write its own script. So, the big question is, which language to learn?

So we will take a tour through these 9 Programming Languages, that experts recommend for network programmers or infrastructure professionals.

  1. Python: It is the top three recommended languages for network programmers to learn. It's very easy to learn the language. Moreover, it doesn't need to be compiled, which makes debugging really fast and easy. Python is also used by several popular SDN controllers.
  2. Java: It is the most popular language in the world although less popular than Python. The reason being it runs anywhere, be it Android or any of the Internet of things. In addition, a number of programming tools support Java, so writing Java code becomes easy. So, if you learn Java you not only learn a skill but you can get another job easily.
  3. PowerShell: PowerShell is Microsoft's homegrown scripting language. It is built into Microsoft's server products. It can do things that normally can't be done using standard admin tools. Recently Microsoft has open-sourced PowerShell and made it available for macOS and Linux.
  4. Bash: It is the default scripting language for Linux. It is used for automating tasks on UNIX-based systems.
  5. TCL (pronounced 'tickle'): This Programming language has particular benefits for networking professionals as it works on many CISCO routers and other networking hardware. It's an open-source scripting language used for network management and security tasks. It can run both on Windows and Linux but it's not that popular as it was once.
  6. C: it is a general-purpose programming language. It has been around since the 1970s. It provides the foundation for several other programming languages. Many computer scientists believe that C teaches students how computer programming really works and that it should be the first language computer science students should learn as it gives a lot of direct control over the system. But if you are looking for some faster way to write automation scripts, you can go with other choices.
  7. C++: This programming language shares a lot of strengths and weaknesses of C like it's closely related to C. It is more mature and has a lot of resources available. It provides good value in terms of IT career but not in case you just have to write some scripts.
  8. JavaScript: This language is primarily known for front-end Web development, but it's useful for back-end programming and writing automation scripts. It is fairly easy to learn.
  9. Perl: Like Python, it is one of the best choices as a scripting language. Perl is used for some of the networking and security prototyping works. It is used in some older systems and websites too.
These are the 9 Programming/Scripting languages recommended by experts. Though you cannot learn all of them you should have knowledge of 2 to 3 languages to be a good Network programmer. Types of Connections in Computer Networks:

The processes communicate across the computer networks via connection-oriented or connectionless communication. These communications are governed by the communication protocol. For connection-oriented communication, there are two protocols, TCP-Transmission Control Protocol and SPX-Sequenced packet Exchange. For connectionless communication, the protocols are UDP-User Datagram Protocol, 'raw IP', and IPX -Internetwork Packet Exchange.

Clients and Servers in Network Programming:

For connection-oriented communications, the two parties have different roles. One party waits for incoming connections - this party is the 'server', another party initiates the connection- this party is referred to as 'client'.

For connectionless communications, one party - server, waits for the incoming packet. Another party sends the unsolicited packet to the "server".

Network Programming Assignment Delivery

The experts and specialists, at BookMyEssay, deliver you a report which has been -
  • Proofread to remove any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, etc.
  • Checked for any plagiarism in the report.
  • Aligned with the latest developments in the taxation laws.
  • Scanned for authentic work and the report is not fabricated.
  • Studied thoroughly to check the flow of content, its conclusion, and the relation of content with the topic.
  • Delivered on time to the students as they are under tight deadlines.

Why is Network Programming Required?

Network programming is used more and more with the advent of the internet, to regulate the connection :
  1. Network programming helps processes communicate with each other across computer networks.
  2. It's based on a client-server model, so it helps convey the information in a particular fashion.
  3. It gives a set of guidelines for nodes or devices to communicate with each other.
  4. Network programming can be done in many languages.

For receiving plagiarism-free essays, you can always hire academic writing guidance. Students can contact BookMyEssay and buy network programming assignment help online. The UK best writers will surely help students to get good grades. The academic assignment themselves are full of knowledge and the students can use them as topic notes also.



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