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Nature Balance Assignment Help

A quality nature balance assignment help online will help you perfectly interpret this common biological concept. Many students usually struggle with their biological assignments especially when it relates to the balance of nature. The concept shouldn’t be a difficult one.

An Overview Of Nature Balance

it is roughly used to describe the population equilibrium that exists among different organisms in relationship to their environments. This results from their constant interaction as well as inter-dependency.

Thus, nature balance (balance of nature) is an ecological concept that is used to describe natural systems in their states of equilibrium. In this state, if any element is disturbed, it means that this disturbance will affect the whole system.

This is used to infer that any system in its natural state is best left undisturbed. However, modern ecologists think that a natural balance does not exist.

Ecological Balance is the Balance of Nature

The balance of nature is also called ecological balance. This is a theory that proposes that different ecological systems are typically left in homeostasis or a state of stable equilibrium. This means that any slight change will be offset by any negative feedback which will bring back the parameter to its starting point which is known as the “point of balance” with every other part of the system.

This balance is usually explained as being delicate and easily disturbed. This theory has been useful to describe the way that various population interacts with each other. A good example of this type of relationship is in the predator-prey ecological systems.

A Theory on the Nature of Balance

It can also be seen in relationships between herbivores and their sources of food. This relationship can also be applied sometimes applied to the interconnections between the ecosystems of the earth, the atmospheric composition, as well as the weather of the world.

Based on our nature balance assignment homework help, the natural balance as a theory has long been discredited by scientists that are ecological experts. This is because it has been discovered that continuous disturbances causing dynamic and chaotic changes are very prevalent in nature. In about the later part of the 20th century, this was superseded by the catastrophe theory as well as the chaos theory. However, this is an idea that is very popular with the general public.

The Balance of Nature Between Plants and Animals

The balance of nature also occurs between animals and plants in the ecosystem. It assumes the form of food webs and food chains to be used in the production of a consuming life system.

There are both natural and human activities that disrupt the balance of our ecosystem. These elements usually affect the balance of nature. Such elements include:

Earthquake: Earthquakes are described as a rumbling/shaking of the surface of the earth. A lot of earthquakes are described as violent and would go on to destroy the habitats of certain living things. This massive earth-shattering occurrence also leads to the killing of many smaller organisms that are also a part of this ecosystem.

Hunting: Hunting is the practice whereby animals are trapped or hunted. Each time that these animals are killed, our ecosystem is affected.

A Case Study on Upsetting the Balance of Nature

When it comes to illustrating and describing how the balance of nature works, there are various analogies in real life to use for this. One good important analogy to use is in plants and animals. Green plants need carbon dioxide for making their food. In the process, they release oxygen into the air. Animals or humans exhale carbon dioxide.

Therefore, the quantity of carbon dioxide that we release as humans seems equal to the quantity of oxygen that the plants release. This creates the perfect balance between the carbon dioxide and the oxygen released. However, each time that we burn out fuels, it disturbs this balance. This is because the process of burning fuels increases the quantity of carbon dioxide by billions. This means that our atmosphere has a lot of carbon dioxide in comparison to oxygen. This increased value of carbon dioxide will certainly affect the climate and weather of the earth.

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