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Human Development Assignment Help

Human Research Development or Human Development is increasing the richness of human life instead of the richness of an economy wherein human beings live. It is a way, which is focused on people and their choices and opportunities. Writing an assignment on Human Development covers various fields of learning and applications related to mental illness, human development, and health. We at BookMyEssay can offer you the best Human Development assignment help. Our academic tutors shall provide you with assistance and top-quality academic writing guidance. We can provide you with a professional Human development essay writing help that can guide you.

What is Human Development?

Human development tries to improve the lives of people instead of assuming that economic growth shall automatically lead to greater wellbeing. Income growth is the way to development. Human Development is giving people the freedom to their lives that they value. Human development means developing the abilities of people and offering them an opportunity to use them.

The three foundations of human development include live a healthy, long, and creative life, have access to the resources required for a good standard of living and be knowledgeable. Many other things are vital mainly to create the right situations for human development. Once the basic aspects of human development are attained, they will give more opportunities to progress in other fields of life.

What are the Stages of Human Development?

Physical, social, cognitive, emotional, and cultural changes happen in the lifespan of people. The sequence of human development is fixed but the development rate can differ depending on several factors. The different stages are discussed in our Human Development assignment help in Australia as follows:

Infancy 0-5 years: The infants are highly dependent. Right from the moment children are born they start to develop physically. The senses start developing and they can focus on objects and learn hold their heads ups. They learn to crawl and then walk. With interaction with parents, friends, the family they learn to play, socialize, and communicate.

Childhood 5-12 years: When children reach school age their physical independence increases. They learn new skills including skipping, running, cycling, and ball games. They progress socially and they choose their friends, make their decisions, and find their interests. They develop the needs and wants of others and want to share and learn things. Children develop emotional attachments to family members and individuals that can develop when stimulated.

Adolescence 13-20 years: During adolescence, puberty starts and several developmental changes happen. Boys develop muscle tone, voice breaks, grow hairs on their bodies. Girls and boys become hormonal and result in mood swings. They develop social skills because they attend higher education.

Adulthood 21-65 years: When individuals attain young adulthood, they develop a balance of lifestyle and good health. They have their children. They take on responsibilities and they have intimate relationships. Their role changes within the family and builds social networks. This stage is discussed in detail in our Human Development case study help.

Older Adulthood 65+ years: The adults enter the last stage of their lives and suffer from physical and mental illness. The older generation follows other interests. This generation can become isolated because of health or family reasons. Older adults have experience and wisdom though they might find it difficult to develop new skills and understand new technology.

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