How To Calculate Percent Error

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How To Calculate Percent Error

When computing the percent error equation solver, bear the following steps in mind:

It's likely that you will obtain the "error" result while subtracting one value from another. The order doesn't alter if you miss the sign. However, if the subtraction sign is left on, the theoretical value is subtracted from the experimental value to obtain the "error."

To get a decimal number, divide the "error" value by the known value (not your theoretical value derived from the experimental value).

To convert the decimal value to a percentage value, multiply it by 100 next.

To report the percent error value, add the % sign.

Here are three instances of how to use the percentage error formula to find the percent error:

Example: 1

Your scale reads 8 cm, which is an incorrect measurement due to a few tiny inaccuracies. Let's assume that the scale measures 12 cm in reality. Utilising the formula for percent difference, get the percentage inaccuracy.


Value approximation: 8 cm

12 cm is the exact value.

(Approximate Value - Exact Value / Exact Value × 100) is the percentage error.

Error percentage = (8-12)/12 × 100

= 33.3%.


Example 2:

At a rock concert, the organisers projected ninety people to attend. Rather, 120 people attended the concert. Use the Formula Solver Assignment Help to determine the error percentage.


Value approximation: 90

Precise amount: 120

(Approximate Value - Exact Value / Exact Value × 100) is the formula for the percent error.

Error Percentage = (90–120)/120 × 100.

= 25% × 30/120 × 100


Example 3:

Danish astronomer Ole Rømer noticed that the periods of Jupiter's satellites varied, even though Jupiter was far from Earth. When Jupiter was farther away, the satellites were thought to appear from behind the Earth more slowly. He provided an estimate of 220,000 km/s for the velocity of light in relation to the speed of light. Nonetheless, 299,800 km/s is currently acknowledged as the speed of light. Utilise the formula to solve the percentage mistake.


220,000 km/s is an approximate figure, or 2.2 x 108 m/s.

299,800 km/s is the exact value, or 2.998 x 108 m/s.

(Approximate Value - Exact Value / Exact Value × 100) is the formula for the percent error.

(2.2 x 108 m/s – 2.998 x 108 m/s)/ 2.998 x 108 m/s × 100 = Percentage Error

= 26.62%.

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