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Financial Analysis Assignment Help

Financial Analysis is the examination of the stability, viability, and profitability of a business as a whole or a specific project. The analysis is done by professions using the information from the financial statement of a company. The analysis report is given to the top management and used as a tool to make business decisions. Finance is an intricate subject that needs professional guidance. BookMyEssay is a proficient writing services provider that offers the best Financial Analysis assignment help. We have hired eminentfinance assignment help experts who have huge experience and therefore they can solve the most complicated subject.

What is Financial Analysis?

Financial Analysis is the method that refers to the analysis of financial statements of a company with a motive to ascertain the financial condition of a company. The company can make informed decisions based on financial information.

It is an extensive analysis that uses various financial methods for ascertaining the financial position of a business. Some factors that impact the financial analysis include income, assets, expenses, risks, liabilities, products, the economy of a country, and others. This is an extensive process and needs in-depth knowledge of accounting theories and financial concepts.

The Main Objectives of the Financial Analysis

The main goals of Financial Analysis are discussed in our Financial Analysisessay homework help as follows:

Profitability: It is the economic metrics that are used for assessing the ability of a business enterprise to generate income against expenses. It is escertained by a ratio obtained through the analysis of financial statements. In financial ratio analysis, it is termed as a profitability ratio. If the profitability ratio is higher compared to the ratios of competitors and of earlier years it indicates that the company is doing well commercially.

Liquidity: It is the ability of a business to meet short-term goals. Liquidity and solvency are terms that enable investors to look at the economic health of a company. If the liquidity is high then a company might sell some of the assets to meet its expenses and it will not become insolvent. A company that is insolvent should be declared insolvent as it cannot meet the long-term liabilities.

Solvency: Solvency is the capability of business in meeting its long-term financial objectives.

Stability: Stability is the ability of an organization to remain in business for a long-time without making any significant losses. It is decided by the information offered by the financial reports of a company in its balance sheet and income statement.

Kinds of Financial Analysis

The kinds of Financial Analysis are highlighted in our Financial Analysisassignment help online as follows:

Vertical Analysis: This analysis looks at the different parts of an income statement and divides income by revenue for expressing as a percentage. It is also referred to as a common-sized income statement because it enables the analysts for comparing companies of various sizes

Horizontal Analysis: In this analysis financial data of many years is taken and then compared with one another to decide the growth rate. It helps an analyst to decide whether a company is declining or growing and locate the important trends.

Leverage Analysis: Leverage ratios are common methods that analysts used to evaluate the performance of a company. One financial metric like total debt is compared to the total equity of a company. The outcome is the debt/equity ratio. The examples are

  • Debt/Equity
  • EBIT/Interest
  • Debt/EBITA

Profitability Analysis: It is an income statement analysis, wherein the analysts assess the attractiveness of business economics. The examples are EBITA margin, Gross margin, EBIT margin, and Net Profit margin.

Liquidity Analysis: This analysis focuses particularly on the balance sheet to meet short-term obligations. The examples are the Acid Test, Current ratio, Net Working Capital, and Cash Ratio.

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