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Dorothea Orem Theory Assignment Help

Do you need a quality Dorothea Orem theory assignment help online? BookMyEssay is your one-stop shop to getting all the help you need. This can be seen with several of our case studies report on the subject. Dorothea was born in 1914 and had worked everywhere within the country. She was an expert nurse, and this was a profession that she held until she died in 20007. However, before she died, she had contributed immensely to the field of science. The theory known as self care deficit was proposed by her in 1971. It still has a lot of professional relevance in our world today.

About Dorothea Orem

Dorothea Orem is an important personality that redefined the way professionals approach self-care. There are some theories that can be used to re-imagine the ways that professionals perform their jobs. Immanuel Kant, Marie Curie, and Isaac Newton all made lasting impressions on their respective disciplines. When it comes to the nursing discipline, Dorothea Orem was a very useful influential thinker.

An Overview of the Theory of Self-Care Deficit

This self care deficit theory have been used to shape the way nurses approach patient care. This is a holistic theory that is used by nurses to identify the important parts of patient care that should be administered in a particular situation. It also emphasizes the importance of patients knowing to be independent when it comes to caring for themselves.

The theory of self care deficit by Orem is used to describe the way that nurses can help their patients enhance their senses of independence. This way, patients are able to maintain independence over the processes of self-care. Her theory help nurses understand how best they can support patients to maintain their independence. Due to her work, she was later widely acknowledged in the field of nursing. In the years of her active career, she had worked as a consultant for various government organizations and universities.

Dorothea Orem and her Nursing Society

Dorothea Orem as an influential nursing figure, had her organization – which is the Orem International Society that was established in 1991. This organization had been created to carry on with her legacy especially with her advocacy and researching efforts. Even after her demise in 2007, many people have continued to experiment with some of the concepts that Orem had discovered. Also, numerous results are published on a yearly basis to evaluate its importance to treating patients

Nursing from the Perspective of Dorothea Orem

Dorothea Orem is the voice behind the self-care deficit theory. According to her, nursing is the process of helping people with self-care services to help them function optimally as if they were in their own homes. According to her, these activities would naturally focus on the things that these adult individuals will usually do alone so as to maintain their well-being, health, and life. These activities usually have an intense health promotion and help maintain focus.

3 Related Concepts that were Identified

Self-care: These are the activities that a person does on their own throughout their lifespan to enhance their individual well-beings.

Health: This happens in the case that the ability of the individual is not sufficient to meet any known needs for self-care that they may have.

Nursing System: These are nursing interventions that are needed whenever a person is not able to perform the needed self-care routines to live and function optimally on a daily basis.

The Theory of Self-Care Deficit

You can get well-curated Dorothea Orem theory assignment help from recommended academic writing service  providers. Including an assignment assistance on the self-help deficit theory. This theory is founded on several core assumptions. These assumptions are:

  • People should learn to rely on themselves and be responsible for their upkeep.
  • People are unique and come with different needs.
  • Nursing as a service is a type of action. It happens when two people or more interact with each other.
  • One essential factor of primary health care is to successfully meet development and universal requisites for self-care.
  • People need to be aware of how they can potentially run into health problems as this is needed to promote behaviors of self-care.
  • Dependent and self-care behaviors are learned within socio-cultural contexts.
A Case Studies on the Theory of Self-Care Deficit

Dorothea Orem was a pioneer when it comes to self-care among patients in medical facilities. She made a lot of advancement into this study that she is known as a pioneer in this field of nursing. Due to her theory of self-care deficit, a lot of discoveries were found. Moreover, she had perfected the process of self-care among nursing patients. To this day, her theories and discoveries are still been implemented in health systems worldwide. Many institutions usually explore these areas for their students assignments. In this case, only a quality Dorothea Orem theory assignment help from BookMyEssay can assist see the student through.

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