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Criminology Assignment Help

Criminology is the study of crime and motive behind the crime from a social perspective. It’s also a popular stream of study in social science which is studied with great attention by a great many students. Top universities also offer postgraduate degrees in this field and in many undergraduate courses Criminology is included as a subject. In this context, different types of assignments on criminology are given to the students to understand their level of knowledge on the subject. Working on Criminology assignments is not an easy task, several other subjects are involved into it like social psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, etc. In this matter, the professional help of BookMyEssay is worth mentioning. We have created a team of great writers who offer top-class assignment writing service to help the students accomplish criminology assignments within the due date and in the best possible way.

What is Criminology?

In simple term, criminology is the learning of crime from a social standpoint. It includes the major and minor causes of crime, juvenile delinquency, the family set up of criminals, economic reasons behind crime, the social impact of crime, and many other aspects. The aim of criminologists is to understand what motivates the criminals to act or behave in that way which is not normal or not supported by the criminals. The work of criminologists is normally focused on the study of the following:

  • Theories that clearly explains the illegal and deviant behavior of some social members.
  • The reaction of society to any crime and related criminals.
  • The political aspects of social control.
  • The application and effectiveness of anti-crime policies.
  • The behavior of criminals in normal social set up.
  • Crime victims

The Theories of Criminology

Following are the principal theories of criminology: The Classical theory of Criminology: According to the classical theory of criminology, people commit crimes when they believe and realize from their perspective that the crime they perform outweigh the probable punishment. Followers of this theory believe that the best way to reduce criminal incident is to give criminals harsher punishments which make them understand that the prime always outweighs punishment. Positivist theory of CriminologyThis theory of criminology tries to analyze the crime by identifying the internal and external factors that are outside the control of the concerned criminals. Positivist theory suggests that several biological and social reasons may lead to any criminal deeds. This theory suggests that the factors like poverty, illiteracy, lack of employment, etc. result in higher crime rates. So, the only way to reduce crime if these factors can be withdrawn. These socioeconomic matters are extremely important in studying criminology. Individual Trait: This theory suggests that most of the differences that are distinguishable from outside between criminals and normal people are psychological and biological. It emphasizes that people with similar psychological and biological characteristics may show the similar trait. So, this theory suggests that the best and effective way to reduce the crime rate in a society is to reduce the interaction between criminals and non-criminals possessing similar characteristics. Criminology is actually a study, not a separate discipline. Its root could be found in sociology and social theories. Over the centuries, eminent sociologists have narrated the inherent social factors that make some social members criminals and they also showed the ways in which the social issues can be uprooted to reduce crimes and number of criminals.

Criminology Assignment help

Our writers keep the focus on three primary aspects of assignments:

  • The deadline for an assignment
  • The guideline related to an assignment
  • The writing style and content

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Criminology is a complicated interdisciplinary subject. Assignments require lots of research, referencing, and time. It is really hard for the students to tackle these assignments with their limited resource and time. So, an expert help may be taken to achieve high grades by writing these assignments in the most professional manner.



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