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Coca- cola Swot Analysis Writing Help

Coca cola has been a very popular brand for thousands of years. Unlike Apple, this company have been around for centuries. The brand is so popular that their products can be found in billions of households all around the world. Coca cola is so popular that its commercial success is now used as a case study by many business schools. A SWOT analysis is also usually used to determine the position of this commercial behemoth in the marketplace. Students are usually given assignments to conduct SWOT analysis on Coca cola as a brand. However, such an analysis can be a challenge to perform. BookMyEssay comes as the best educational assistance agency that offers professional Coca cola SWOT analysis case study writing help. We have invested in a wide range of tools and experts to provide the best assignment assistance to all students.

Overview of SWOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis is a strategic tool that is used by many businesses to analyze specific key performance indices within the business environment. SWOT analysis is a enterprise planning approach which is used to figure out the core strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of the company. Most of the time, businesses will usually conduct their own SWOT analysis which will be used to discover certain insights about their company.

One of the biggest global brands that is renowned for adopting the SWOT analysis approach is coca cola. This is a very famous global brand that is popular for its carbonated and non-alcoholic drinks. Since this is a strong and very popular brand, a lot of universities will usually assign various academic assignment to their students to conduct a SWOT analysis case studies on coca cola. Our coca cola SWOT analysis case study writing help involves an in-depth research into all four prime movers of the business.

The SWOT Analysis on Coca Cola

Coco Cola’s Strengths

  • Strong Brand – Coca cola is among the top ten brands in the world. It is up there with Apple, Nike, and other global brands. It has about 500 unique beverage products which it supplies from more than 200 locations globally.
  • Highest Global Value – It is among the companies in the world with the highest values. The valuation of Coca cola includes production units, operation costs, revenues, and brand value.
  • Biggest Market Share – It has the biggest share of the market in its economical sector.
  • Inclusive Marketing Strategy – Has the best market strategy which targets people from all demographics.
  • Strong Brand Loyalty – Coca cola has the privilege of loyal customers who like their trusty beverages and drinks at all times.
  • Global Distribution Chain – Has one of the biggest network of suppliers in its industry.

Coca Cola’s Weaknesses

  • Product Criticism/Backlash – People tend to blame carbonated drinks for diabetics and obesity.
  • Closer Competitor in Pepsi – Pepsi is one of the biggest competitor of the brand, and they are doing all they can to catch up.
  • Lawsuits and Public Demonstrations – Coca cola is known to consume a lot of water in different regions. This has led to multiple activism and lawsuits on their rate of water consumption.
  • Coca cola’s Opportunities
  • Market in Developing Nations – Coca cola still targets the developing countries with hotter climates for their carbonated products. They tend to generate high revenues from such locations.
  • Strong Brand Name – The company has a recognizable brand and logo that have been a part of people’s lives since forever. This gives the sentimental advantage to get into any industry (snacks business, health, water, food) and still generate a lot of revenue.
  • The Water Distribution Market – There is a lot of opportunity for Coca cola to get into the business of packaging and selling water.
  • Minimize Cost of Transportation – The brand heavily depends on transportation to supply and distribute its products. It needs to reduce the cost of transportation and distribution.

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Coca Cola’s Threats

  • Water Depletion – Coca cola faces a lot of backlash as it is blamed for the depleted water resources in many countries. The brand is being blamed for water scarcity in many countries, should they be banned, its brand may suffer as a result.
  • Gradual Loss of Market Traction – Coca cola was once the heavyweight in the marketplace. However, the tide seems to be changing with the increasing number of investors coming into the market for health drinks, coffee chains, and energy drinks.

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