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Catholic Theology Assignment Help

If you have clicked on BookMyEssay’s Catholic Theology assignment help online, then you must be reading a little about what is Catholic Theology and how it works. In short, Catholic theology is simply the understanding of Catholic doctrine or teachings that results from theologians' studies. It is founded on canonical scripture and sacred tradition as authoritatively interpreted by the Catholic Church's magisterium.

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Introduction on Catholic Theology

The Christian religion and theology have three major branches: Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. The first of these traditions is addressed in this article, with a focus on Roman Catholic theology concerning Protestant theology.

When most people think of the Roman Catholic Church, they think of the pope's authority, Mary's veneration, the celebration of the Mass, the Eucharist, and other sacraments, and so on. The theology that underpins these various doctrines and practices is founded on two pillars: nature-grace interdependence and Christ-Church interconnection.

The Interdependence of Nature-Grace

Not only does BookMyEssay Catholic Theology homework help service tell you about the names of the two pillars but also about them. Nature is defined as everything that has been created: planets, angels, mountains, trees, birds, fish, animals, humans, water, oil, bread, and wine. Grace is God's favor toward the world he created. Nature and grace are interdependent by design, according to Roman Catholic theology.

Nature can receive and transmit grace, and grace must be communicated concretely by nature. Water, for example, is capable of receiving and communicating grace when consecrated by a Catholic bishop and used for Baptism. This sacrament (in the realm of grace) cleanses an infant of original sin, regenerates him/her, and integrates him/her into Christ and his Church. The first foundation of Catholic theology is the interdependence of nature and grace.

The Interconnection of Christ-Church

The principle of incarnation, a pattern with which God created the world so that grace and nature would be interdependent, has two manifestations. The first manifestation is the incarnation of God's Son, Jesus Christ, who brought grace to nature. The second manifestation is the Roman Catholic Church, which continues to mediate grace to nature as a continuation of Christ's incarnation. The Church is a continuation of God the Son incarnate, consisting of the entire Christ—deity, humanity, and body.

As a result, the Roman Catholic Church serves as a second (or third) person of Christ, mediating between the two realms of nature and grace. Nature, because it is open to grace, receives the grace mediated by the Church. Grace, which must be palpable and concrete, is communicated through natural elements consecrated by the Church.

A Catholic bishop, for example, consecrates oil (in the realm of nature) and uses it for the sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Orders. The Church confers grace on those being confirmed and those entering the priesthood by mediating these sacraments in the place of Christ. The second foundation of Catholic theology is the relationship between Christ and the Church.

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