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Capital Gain Tax Assignment Help

Capital gain tax is not a distinct tax but it is considered a part of income tax. A capital gain tax is imposed on any firm or individual that chooses to sell off an asset for earning profit. It can be imposed on various kinds of assets such as stocks, assets (tangible and intangible), and bonds. Capital Gain Tax assignment help available at BookMyEssay is brilliant for the students who are seeking taxation assignment solution from the experienced writers.

Capital gain tax is imposed on profits or capital gains that arise from selling assets. This tax is imposed once the asset has been transformed into liquid cash. The tax does not apply to unsold investments.

Features of Capital gains tax:

  • Capital gain tax is due only after an investment is sold out.
  • Capital gain taxes apply only to capital assets that include bonds, stocks, coin collection, jewelry, and real estate.
  • Long-term capital gain taxes are imposed on profits of investments that are held for more than a year.
  • Short-term capital gains are taxed at the regular income tax rate of the individual.

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Types of Capital Gain Tax

All assets are not taxed at equal rates, especially when it comes to income on investments. The amount of tax imposed depends on the holding period of the asset. Generally, capital gain tax is of two types:

  • Long-term capital gain tax: It is imposed on long-term capital gains. Long-term capital gains emerge when assets or other investments are held for more than one year. It depends on various factors like marital status, income level, etc. This tax rate varies from 0% to 20%.
  • Short-term capital gain tax: This tax is imposed on short-term capital gains. Short-term capital gains arise when investments or other assets are held for less than one year. It is usually equal to the normal income tax rate.

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Calculation of Capital Gain Tax

The capital gain is known as the difference between the sale price of the asset and the purchase price or the original cost of the asset. A simple method of calculating the capital gain tax is the multiplication of the amount of gain with the applicable tax rate. However, for determining the long-term capital gain tax rate, the holding period of the investment is required to be known. The steps of calculating the tax rate are as follows:

  • Determine cost basis: Usually, it is the purchase price that is to be added with any fees or commissions associated with the purchase.
  • Determine the realized amount: It is the difference between the sale price of the asset and fees or commissions paid in the sale process.
  • Subtraction of cost basis from realized amount: Here comes the capital gain from subtracting the cost of investment from the sale of the investment.
  • Determination of applicable tax rate: An investor will apply a long-term capital gain tax rate for an investment held for more than a year. Conversely, an investor will apply a short-term capital gain tax rate for investment or asset held for less than a year.

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