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Capital Expenditure Assignment Help

Capital expenditure leads to the creation of long-term assets and allows the organization to generate revenue for a long period, by improving production facilities and helps in boosting operational efficiency. Hiring BookMyEssay professional for Capital Expenditure assignment help online will make the students gain an in-depth understanding of the entire topic and implantation of the same in practical life.

A Brief Overview of Capital Expenditure

Business organizations reserve funds for capital expenditures s they play a pivotal role in the longevity and feasibility of an organization. Capital expenditure refers to a fund that a business uses for purchasing, maintaining, and improving long-term assets. Long-term assets are assets that are used in a company’s production process and have a useful life which is more than 1 year. Such assets are used to improve the capacity of the company.

Capital expenditure includes money sent on the following operations:

  • Acquiring fixed and tangible assets.
  • Upgrading an existing asset.
  • Repairing an existing asset.
  • Loan repayment.

Types of Capital Expenditure

Following are some common types of capital expenditures that vary from industry to industry:

  • Buildings and property: Purchasing or upgrading a building property is considered a capital expenditure as it can be used for several years.
  • Upgrades to equipment: For manufacturing firms, equipment is one of the most important factors for keeping the production process unaffected. Upgradation of equipment is often needed in these kinds of industries and this is considered a capital expenditure.
  • Software upgrades: Costs of purchasing or upgrading software are referred to as an important cost for large companies. This type of spending is also known as capital expenditure.
  • Vehicles: The vehicle that is required to carry raw materials or deliver end products is taken into consideration as capital expenditure.

Accounting Treatment of Capital Expenditure

This is the cost incurred for acquiring fixed assets and other related expenses that helps in enhancing the earning capacity of the assets. It not only includes the cost of purchase but also the additional cost incurred for bringing the asset into working condition. In accountancy, the asset account gets debited for the purchase of an asset, and capital receipts received from selling the asset are credited to the asset account.

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Importance of Capital Expenditure

The decision regarding the amount of investment in capital expenditures is considered a vital decision made by the company. The importance of capital expenditure is briefly discussed below:

  • Long-term Effects: The effects of capital expenditure generally get extended into the future. Even the current manufacturing activities are the result of past capital expenditures.
  • Irreversibility: The capital expenditures are difficult to reverse if not the company is incurring losses. The capital equipment is customized as per the requirements of a company which is why the market for used capital equipment is usually very poor.
  • High-initial cost: Capital expenditures are usually very expensive, especially for companies such as manufacturing, production, telecom, and utilities. Capital investment also rises with the advancement of technology.
  • Depreciation: Capital expenditure increases the asset account of a business organization. Once the capital asset starts working, depreciation begins and they decrease in value throughout their lives.

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