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Capistrano Assignment Help

Capistrano is an open-source tool for running scripts on multiple servers; its primary application is web application deployment. It automates the process of deploying a new version of an application to one or more web servers, as well as supporting tasks such as database changes. Because Capistrano is written in Ruby and is a component of the Ruby on Rails framework, it is widely used for the deployment of Ruby apps. Nonetheless, it is easily compatible with other programming languages, such as PHP. You may have trouble understanding this at first. However, with time and practice, the concept gets clearer. BookMyEssay is a leading site developed with the sole intention of helping students and scholars of various fields throughout the globe with such topics, be it for homework or your assignment. Likewise, our online academic experts have curated the Capistrano assignment help, relevant for students and practitioners of Capistrano. Continue reading below to know more.

A Brief Introduction

Capistrano is written in Ruby and distributed through the RubyGems distribution channel. It evolved from the Ruby on Rails web application framework, but it is also used to deploy web applications written in other languages, such as PHP. Capistrano is primarily designed for use on the UNIX shell command line. A user can select from a variety of Capistrano recipes, such as deploying current changes to the web application or rolling back to a previous deployment state. Due to a trademark conflict, the name was changed from SwitchTower to Capistrano in March 2006. Jamis Buck, the original author, announced on February 24, 2009, that he is no longer the project's maintainer. To know more about the history of Capistrano, click on Capistrano assignment help online only on BookMyEssay’s website.


Capistrano is a tool for remote server automation. It allows for the scripting and execution of arbitrary tasks, as well as the inclusion of a set of sane-by-default deployment workflows. Capistrano is also extremely scriptable and can be combined with any other Ruby software to form part of a larger tool. Capistrano can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Deploy a web application to any number of machines at the same time, in sequence, or as a rolling set.
  • To automate audits of any number of machines (such as checking login logs, enumerating uptimes, and/or applying security patches).
  • To automate common tasks in software teams by scripting arbitrary workflows over SSH.

The Structure of Capistrano

Capistrano organises the source code and other deployment-related data on each remote server using a strictly defined directory hierarchy. The configuration variable: deploy_to. can be used to specify the structure's root path.

  • Current is a symbolic link to the most recent release. After a successful deployment, this symlink is updated. If any step of the deployment fails, the current symlink still points to the old release.
  • Releases is a timestamped folder that contains all deployments. These are the folders to which the current symlink points.
  • The version control system is configured in repo. The content of a git repository will be a raw git repository (e.g. objects, refs, etc.).
  • Every deploy or rollback is logged in log. Each entry is timestamped and includes the executing user (local user, which defaults to the local username). Depending on your VCS, data such as branch names and revision numbers are also listed.
  • The linked files and linked dir that are symlinked into each release are stored in shared. This information is retained across deployments and releases. It should be used for database configuration files as well as static and persistent user storage that is passed from one release to the next.
  • The application is entirely contained within the deployment to path. If you intend to deploy multiple applications to the same server, simply change the:deploy to path.

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