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Call Control XML Assignment Help

Before understanding what Call Control XML means, it is essential to understand what XML is. Here, we will take an idea about XML and then move on to the further details of the topic. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. BookMyEssay has team of online academic experts who use their best skills and expertise to provide Call Control XML assignment help perfectly in all manners.

Call Control XML is used to markup data. It is a self-descriptive language that was created for storing data records. The data was saved in XML in the plain text files format. XML files are used for transferring data from one place to another through the internet.

The basic features of XML are:

  • To separate data from HTML.
  • To reload and unload the database.
  • Sharing of data.
  • Exchanging of data.
  • Arrangement of data.
  • To store data.

After having a brief idea about XML, it will be easier to get a clear concept of Call Control XML. So, let us take a dig into the term Call Control XML.

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What does Call Control XML Mean?

Call Control XML is the abbreviation of Call Control eXtensible Markup Language. It is an XML standard that is designed for providing non-simultaneous telephony support to VoiceXML. CCXML is like a sibling to VoiceXML. It is designed in such a way that it can facilitate enhanced capabilities of call control in both call control platforms and VoiceXML platforms. It can also be used as a third-party call control manager in any telephony system. In simple words, it can be said as CCXML is a language based on XML that helps in controlling the setup, monitoring, and tearing down of calls. It permits the industry to grasp the power of Web platforms and technologies to logically control calls on and off the network.

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Features of Call Control XML

There are several features that Call Control XML can supply but Voice XML cannot. A few of them are mentioned below briefly:

  • Call Control XML can facilitate multi-party conferencing, along with more advanced conference calls and audio control.
  • It controls sophisticated multiple-call handling including the ability to place outgoing calls at any time, commenced outside the platform of VoiceXML.
  • It has capabilities of handling richer and non-simultaneous events. Advanced telephony operations consist of substantial amounts of signals, status events, and message-passing.
  • CCXML has the ability to provide each active “call leg” which means a real-world phone connection in a voice application with its VoiceXML translator.
  • It is capable of receiving various events and messages from systems outside of the VoiceXML or CCXML platform. The operations including calls started in an asynchronous way from the platform of VoiceXML, starting interaction with an outside call center platform and communication between multiple CCXML or VoiceXML platforms, etc require the interaction of events from one platform to the other platform.
  • It permits the developers to write advanced applications.

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