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Calculation of NPV and IRR Assignment Help

NPV and IRR are two very well-known terms of finance and calculation of the same are also very important for financial projects. These two provide significant information about capital budgeting and investing. Students of colleges and universities find it a little bit complex to calculate the same without any professional assignment help. This area of financing requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of the same. Here, Calculation of NPV and IRR assignment help of BookMyEssay can be of great assistance for them. Before going into further details, it is very important to understand these two terms.

NPV is the abbreviated term of Net Present Value that signifies a method used to evaluate capital expenditures. It is useful in determining whether an investment or project will make money. The calculation of NPV is done within a specific period so that the company can know at what point it will earn a return on investment. NPV is useful for projects that have multiple cash sources and other complications.

IRR or Internal Rate of Return is aimed at the calculation of the overall profitability of investments in financial products or projects. The business chooses an end date in the calculation of IRR to see the return or loss percentage at that point in time. It is considered as the complex metrics used by the business community only. IRR is used in simple projects having only one cash source and no other difficulties. As the best academic assignment company, we provide pocket-friendly writing services to the students across the globe.

Calculation of NPV and IRR

The following steps are used to calculate NPV:

  • Begin calculation by choosing your initial investment.
  • Identifying the expected cash flow that is how much money you expect to earn from this investment.
  • Deciding at the point of time you want a return on your investment.
  • Mention the discount rate.
  • Using the numbers fill in the formula to calculate NPV.

NPV = r x 1 – (1+i) i = discount rate n = number of time periods

The following steps and formula are used to calculate IRR:

  • Choose your initial investment.
  • Identify the expected cash flow.
  • Deciding on a period.
  • Set NPV to 0.
  • Fill in the formula and then calculate IRR.

IRR =  - Initial Investment Cash flows = cash flows in the time period r = discount rate I = time period

For a better understanding of the above-mentioned steps and formula, you need quality Calculation of NPV and IRR assignment help from BookMyEssay's best UK experts.

Important Rules for Calculating IRR

Here are certain important rules mentioned below for the calculation of IRR:

  • You must add all the values in excel that have an either positive or negative signs.
  • The amount received at the end is the IRR amount and the important fact about this amount will be positive always. Because the negative amount signifies loss and that is not possible in such calculations.
  • The amount that is invested is presented as a negative value and presented with a minus sign. For example, if the invested amount is Rs.100 then it will be shown as -100.
  • All the invested amounts must be shown in regular intervals so that they can be differentiated from one another.
  • The assumption for calculating IRR is all the payments are made on annual basis.
  • The higher the IRR, the more profitable a business is.

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