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Business Development Assignment Help

In simple term, business development is the creation of a long-term business that provides sustained growth the company through increased revenue. The purpose of business development is, of course, increased sales, but the responsibility of a business developer or business development manager is far greater than that of a sales executive or sales manager. A business development manager needs to take care of the existing clients to retain the existing business through a constant growth process as also create new clients. Business development topics are the part of Business Management and Marketing Management syllabi where the students are taught about different aspects of business development and its usefulness for a company. Assignments on this subject are also very common and BookMyEssay provides professional Business Development assignment help to the students for the most experienced writers in this field.

What Exactly Business Development Is?

There is a very thin line of difference between sales and business development. But that difference creates a huge change in the job specification in these two professions. In many companies, even the term business development is not used though the personnel is actually acting as a business developer.

A Business Developer identifies and implements new areas of business, such as new products, new ways to customer development, new markets, new distribution channels, etc. In merger and acquisition also, a Business Development manager possesses an important responsibility for engaging the existing sales force of the acquired company to train and development as the work culture and target of the mother company. In some companies like in banking and insurance or in any other types of financial companies, business development is a continuous process while in many other companies it is a matter of an assignment. After the completion of the assignment, the business developer may be given any new task in some other sector.

A business developer has both short-term and long-term target; however, the long-term target of developing a customer base or penetrating into a new market, etc. are quite common. In short-term, the business developer needs to create infrastructure for the long-term goal of the company or the department.

In general, a business development manager should never get involved in dealing with existing customers as far as sales or marketing to these customers are concerned, but if he can deal with the sales team for better customer dealing or making them informed about any aspects or changes in the company policy or working process that the sales team needs to understand for their own benefits.

Some broader areas where the service of a Business developer is often required are as follows:

  • Partnership development
  • New product or service development
  • New market development
  • Strategic marketing
  • Exploring new channels of sales and marketing
  • Merger and acquisition

Business Development Assignment Help

In business development, like in sales and marketing, a well-defined strategy is always important. For this, the business developers need to work with same models as the sales and marketing experts use like SWOT analysis, Porter’s five forces, 4P’s of marketing, etc. However, they apply it in some different ways with differ logic in mind. For example, to expand the business, an Insurance company may need to employ some new insurance advisers in a new market, so a business developer will decide how many sales personnel are actually required or what will be the basic recruitment criteria to achieve the existing sales target. The SWOT analysis may be applied here but to get an idea of the availability expert sales people.

The Business Development Assignment help that we offer to the students is always up to date as our writers are mostly experienced business assignment writing professionals in the same field. We also take into account all recent changed in business development activities with the changing nature of IT and interdepartmental communication. The writers associated with us ensure:

  • Timely delivery of completed assignments.
  • Use of proper data, image, and information.
  • Use of proper referencing style.
  • Writing in flawless English.

Apart from the writers, the support system of BookMyEssay is also extremely professional. We provide the most active custom assignment writing help desk that remains active 24/7/365. Students can contact the helpdesk with any query which is answered within seconds. Last but not the least, we have fixed the price of the academic assignment writing service quite reasonable keeping in focus that students mostly try out to pay for the service from their pocket money. Business Development Assignment help is always student-friendly in rendering the service.



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