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BPD Types Assignment Help

Who needs our exceptional BPD types assignment help online? Our BPD types assignment solutions will help students get great content and solution on any assignment concerning this condition. When it comes to BPD, there are several types. Known as Borderline personality disorder, it usually manifests differently in people based on the type.

An Overview of BPD

BPD as it is short for Borderline personality disorder. When it comes to types of BPD, there are four widely known types. The most common types are:

  • Impulsive BPD
  • Petulant BPD
  • Self-destructive BPD, and
  • Discouraged BPD.

It is possible for people to suffer from various types of BPD. This can happen simultaneously or at different periods. Also, it is possible for one of these categories of borderline personality not to be properly fitted into one category. BPD is a type of mental health problem that affects them in several ways. The condition usually has the following effects on them:

  • Emotion regulation problems,
  • Regular impulsive behavior issues, and
  • Find it difficult to maintain normal relationships.

Also, when it comes to physical symptoms, there could be an overlap in the different types of BPD. When it comes to its features, the mental condition can overlap considerably in terms of its physical features, with a variance of anger and aggressiveness.

The Primary Types of BPD Elaborate BPD types assignment help features all four types of BPD. They are: Impulsive BPD

Impulsive BPD is one of the major types of BPD. A person suffering from BPD can show an impulsive and usually dangerous attitude. These people may behave this way without thinking if its impact on other people or the potential consequences. People suffering from BPD may look motivating, flirtatious, detached, energetic, or charismatic. They could display such behaviors as aggressive behaviors, self-destructive behaviors, or singeing behaviors.

Discouraged BPD

The Discouraged BPD can also be called quiet borderline personality disorder. Anybody that suffers from this type of BPD will be afraid of being abandoned. They will usually go the extra mile to prevent any imaginary or real abandonment. This type of BPD patients may usually hide their emotions. They are more prone to blame themselves for any problem. Discouraged types may show the following indications:

  • Being perfectionists
  • They may become very successful
  • Be extremely functional
  • Always feeling detached and alienated in groups
  • Always feel like they do not have a strong or real bond with other people.
  • Will usually seek other people’s approval and will also like to isolate themselves.
  • Partake in suicidal behaviors or self-harm.
  • Always feeling empty or lonely all the time.

When it comes to discouraged BPD, people may show symptoms like:

  • Neediness
  • Emotional and anger mood swings whenever there is a trigger with abandonment issues.
  • Codependency
  • Clinginess

Self-Destructive BPD Anybody that is struggling with this form of BPD may be struggling with such traits as self-hatred and will usually feel a lot bitter. Examples of people that have this BPD type are:

  • People who abuse illicit substances like prescription medications and recreational substances.
  • People with Self-destructive BPD may perform dangerous adrenaline-seeking activities without prior preparation.
  • Engage in self-harmful behaviors especially hitting, scratching, burning, and cutting.
  • Threats to committing suicide.

People who suffer from Self-destructive BPD will also show similar symptoms as people who have other BPD issues. They could show additional symptoms such as:

  • Feelings of extreme happiness
  • Lacking the need to go to sleep
  • Increased energy

These signs could lean towards bipolar disorder or manic episode disorder rather than showing signs of Self-destructive BPD. Petulant BPD

People who suffer from personal BPD show a wide range of emotions over a short time. They could be angry now and then later, and they will become sulky and sad. Also, they could swing unpredictably from one emotion to another. This type of person may also feel unloved and unworthy. This will usually cause challenges in their relationships and make them develop an abnormal desire to be in control all the time.

People suffering from this BPD type can have manipulative behavior. They will usually feel extremely dissatisfied with their relationships. This could also be followed by dangerous behaviors and substance abuse. People suffering from this type of BPD exhibit behaviors like:

  • Chronic mood swings
  • Passive aggressiveness
  • Defiance and stubbornness
  • Impatience and irritability

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