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Boolean Operations Assignment Help

A Boolean operation is usually a subject matter in the field of computer science. Boolean expression is used primarily in computer programming languages that when evaluated usually produce a Boolean value. By this expression, a Boolean value is a type of response that is either true or false. A typical Boolean expression can have a series of various operations like a mixture of the constants of the Boolean like true or false, Boolean-valued functions, Boolean-valued operators, and Boolean-typed variables. Computer students and programming students usually need a good Boolean operations assignment help to scale their assignments.

A Background on Boolean operation

The Boolean value: The Boolean is used mainly in computer science and is used to represent a type of data that only has one out of two possible values as the answer. These values are usually denoted either as true or false. These values are used to represent the dual truth values that are denoted by the Boolean and the logic algebra. The Boolean is a term that is coined after George Boole, the scientist that was the first to attempt to define the algebraic system of logic. The Boolean type of data is usually associated with statements that are considered as conditional.

Boolean operation in practical situations

The Boolean operation could be applied in various practical situations to help simplify complex tasks. A Boolean operator or Boolean operation will usually mean:

The Boolean function which is a function that has arguments as well as results that assume the set of two elements.

  1. The Boolean operation (The Boolean algebra) is a logical operation which features the logics AND, NOT, and OR and is contained in the Boolean algebra.
  2. The Boolean operator (computer programming) is a form of Boolean expression that is contained in a computer programming expression.
  3. An operator or operation which is characterized by the logical truth table.
  4. The logical operator which is the logical constant that is used to connect two formulas or more.
  5. The Set operation (the Boolean) which is a set-theoretic operation that is contained in the sets of algebra (complementation, intersection, and union)
  6. Boolean operations with polygons which is an application on polygon sets that is used in computer graphics.

Some important Boolean operators

Boolean operators are basic words which are used to link up search terms like keywords and used to create a phrase that is logical which can be understood easily by a database. Boolean operators make it easy for you to conduct a complex search which may come with alternative keywords and multiple concepts. Many library databases are usually meant to work with Boolean operators like AND, OR, and NOT. Search engines like Google also make use of Boolean operators. This way, they are able to perform complex searches. This is contained in our Boolean operations homework help online.

The Origin of the Boolean Operation

The Boolean operation follows the “Boolean Logic” that was invented by an English mathematician by the name of George Boole. Boole had invented the term in the 19th century which is used to combine certain elements as well as be able to exclude certain elements. The Boolean logic is practically applicable in search engines where large databases are used to search for various queries. The Boolean operation focuses on the use of AND, OR, and NOT. These three elements form the Boolean Logic which is a building block of numerous computer applications and programmes. Boolean logic has been utilized extensively in search databases. Using the right Boolean operator when conducting a search can make a great difference in ensuring that you conduct a successful search.  This is primarily highlighted in our Boolean operations Assignment help online.

The Three Basic Boolean Logic Elements

Boolean logic fundamentally depends on three fundamental Boolean logics that use the search commands of NOT, OR, and AND.

AND: AND is a massive part of the Boolean logic sets and is used to look for all the search words in an operation. For instance, searching for Madrid AND Barcelona AND Sevilla will return a search result that will have all three terms that were searched for. In this case, the result that you get is generally limited.

OR: This Boolean logic is used to look for one term and can be used to also search for the other term. For example searching for Madrid OR Barcelona OR Sevilla will return all items which have any of the three words that you are searching for. This type of operation usually results in a lot of search results.

NOT: The use of the Boolean logic NOT is used to eliminate all items which have the specified word. For example, if you search for Madrid NOT Barcelona will show a result for all the items that contain the word Madrid but will purposely not show any result of words that have “Barcelona” in them. This way, you are able to fine-tune your search results. In some cases, AND NOT may be used to serve a similar function as if you have used the word NOT.

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