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Bluetooth Module Assignment Help

You can get quality Bluetooth module assignment help from a reputable assignment provider like BookMyEssay. Students who find it difficult to do their work, can now easily rely on our topnotch academic writing solutions.

What is the Bluetooth Module?

The Bluetooth module is used to the basic circuit set of a chip that has an integrated Bluetooth function. This technology is typically applied with the short-range 2.4G wireless communication Bluetooth system. To the end-user of the product, this Bluetooth module looks more like a product that is not totally finished. However, by the process of shell packaging and functional redevelopment based on this module, the final product which has the ability to make use of the Bluetooth communication is realized. The Bluetooth module can easily be divided into two various types based on the support and application protocol. These two types of modules are the low-power Bluetooth module and the classic Bluetooth module. This is contained in our comprehensive Bluetooth module assignment help online.

The Classic Bluetooth Module (BT)

The classic Bluetooth module is used to generally refer to that Bluetooth module that powers the Bluetooth protocol that is lower than 4.0. This Bluetooth module is typically used for the transfer of large sets of data like voice, video, music, picture, documents, and many other transmissions that requires moving large data files. On further inspection, we can further classify the classic Bluetooth modules into the high-speed Bluetooth modules (EDR) and traditional Bluetooth modules (BR). These are both traditional Bluetooth modules that were released in 2004, which typically represents the modules that were used for supporting the Bluetooth 2.1 protocol.

This module was supported widely as there was a massive spread of smart phones.  In the case of the high-speed Bluetooth module, it was released back in 2009. At this time, it got an increased speed of 24Mbps, which translates to being eight times faster when compared to the traditional Bluetooth module. Typical use cases for this technology includes the transmission of data between HDTV to VCR, PMP to PC, as well as the printer to UMPC. BookMyEssay don’t just provide you with Bluetooth Module assignment help, we also provide all writing services in such a way that you gain additional knowledge into the subject matter.

Bluetooth Low Energy Module (BLE)

The Bluetooth low energy module is used to refer to the module which is used for supporting the Bluetooth which comes with a protocol of 4.0 or higher versions. This module can also be called the BLE module. The most essential feature of this module is the fact that is has a good support for energy saving, as it is usually connected to devices and systems which do not consume excess bandwidth. Typical use cases of the Bluetooth low energy module includes in the smart home (Bluetooth light, Bluetooth lock), sensor devices in data transmission (temperature sensor, sphygmomanometer), consumer electronics (remote control toys, electronic cigarettes), etc.

The Bluetooth low energy module is a lot more different when compared to the traditionally Bluetooth. The Bluetooth low energy module have been developed based on the Wibree standard technology from mobile phone giants, Nokia. When power consumption is considered, a typical traditional Bluetooth consumes power on three levels which are class1, class2, and class3 and they will respectively support distances of 100 meters, 10 meters, and 1 meter when transmitting files. On the other hand, the Bluetooth low energy do not come with power consumption levels. However, the power of transmission is usually at 7dbm. Also, the BLE5.0 module have a good support for the Bluetooth Mesh technology.

The Popularity of the Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Due to its perceived benefits, the Bluetooth wireless technology have been made popular by its performances when used in mobile phones. When it comes to the field of wireless technology, the Bluetooth technology is among the fastest-growing solutions. The Bluetooth technology is usually used to manage the communication channel when using wireless solutions to exchange information. The Bluetooth modules can be used to receive and transmit data without any wires by pairing two devices together. Also, they work with HCIs - the host controller interface - to easily transmit and receive data through a host computer. However, the USB and the UART are some of the most widely known host controller system interfaces.

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