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Bluetooth Low Energy Assignment Help

Bluetooth Low Energy used to be known as Bluetooth Smart. It can be called Bluetooth LE or BLE. The original product of this technology had been created by Nokia back in 2006. Our Bluetooth low-energy assignment help online features a professionally written body of work that has been produced to make each student excel in their studies.

What is Bluetooth Low Energy?

Bluetooth Low Energy is a personal area network (PAN) that was created by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG). This is an innovative technology that was developed to assist special solutions for healthcare, security, home entertainment, beacons, fitness, and a wide range of industries. This new technology does not work with the original Bluetooth technology and is not compatible with it.

How does Bluetooth Low Energy Compare with Regular Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth Low End is a technology that has been produced to perform with reduced power consumption as well as cost. In comparison to the usual Bluetooth system, it will usually almost maintain the same range for communication. Due to its innovativeness and energy efficiency, the Bluetooth Low End has been widely adopted by many Original Equipment manufacturers. When it comes to adopters of Bluetooth Low-end technology, there is mobile OS like the iOS, Windows Phone, Android, and Blackberry. Other native supporters of Bluetooth Low-End technology include Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Linux, and macOS. Our best UK writers provide Bluetooth low energy assignment helps come with various application use cases of the Bluetooth Low-End technology on the different operating systems.

Compatibility with classic Bluetooth Systems

When it comes to compatibility, the Bluetooth Low-End application is very distinct from the previous technology known as the classic Bluetooth technology. However, since both technologies use different protocols, they are not compatible but can both be on the same device and work independently of each other. These protocols are both compatible with the Bluetooth 4.0 specification which makes it possible for devices to be able to implement either one of these protocols or both. Similar to the classic Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth Low Energy makes use of the similar 2.4 GHz radio frequency that is used by the classic Bluetooth technology. This means that devices with dual-mode functionality are able to work by using a single radio antenna while using a much simpler modulation system. Our Bluetooth low energy homework help service shows you how this is done.

What are Some of the Target Markets for Bluetooth Low-End Technology?

The Bluetooth Low-End technology as a specific solution has been created for specific markets and industries. This means that the manufacturer, Bluetooth SIG has specifically developed this innovative solution for certain markets. Major target industries for Bluetooth Low-End technology include fitness, sports, health, and smart home business sectors. This is this way due to the benefits of the Bluetooth Low-End technology. These benefits include:

  • It comes with very low energy requirements which means that it can work for many months and many years while using a simple battery cell.
  • It comes in a small form factor and does not cost too much to be implemented.
  • The Bluetooth Low End is super compatible with a lot of large installed networks of computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Common Applications of the Bluetooth Low-End Technology

When it comes to Bluetooth Low-end technology there are several implementations. These are:

Chip: Beginning in the later parts of 2009, integrated circuits were beginning to use the Bluetooth Low-End technology. These are ICs that were using software radio to allow specification updates to be done by upgrading the firmware.

Hardware: Many present mobile devices and systems are being built to provide both software and hardware support for both Bluetooth Low Energy and the classic Bluetooth technologies.

Operating systems: The Bluetooth Low-End technology has been a regular feature with many operating systems such as Zephyr OS, macOS 10.10, Unison OS 5.2, Linux 3.4 to BlueZ 5.0, Blackberry 10, Android 4.3 and higher versions, Windows 8 and higher versions, Windows Phone 8.1, and iOS 5 and higher versions.

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