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Working on a project or an assignment can be a lot of hassle for a student as they have to collect knowledge from different sources available online or offline. Even after the completion of your designated work – project or assignment or research paper or any other writing work, students find it very difficult to write down the bibliography and explain all the research work that they have invested in prior to the project.

Starting off with what Bibliography is? A bibliography is basically a collection and acknowledgment of all the sources that have helped you generate content for your assignment or your project. One has to pen down all the research resources that were taken into existence during or before the making of the same. The complexities of an annotated bibliography force students to take assistance from an online annotated bibliography generator.

Let us now look at what an annotated bibliography looks like:

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography includes certain components out of which the most important are:

  • Citation of the bibliography
  • An annotation is a short paragraph that is a description and evaluation of the sources mentioned.

The annotated bibliography must contain a summary of how you came across the researched resources and how these researched resources have helped you contribute to the project. There should a reference to the links and websites as well as the offline sources that may and may have not helped you in the completion of your work.

An annotation should not be long, one must make it brief and crisp with just the required information and to provide further information you are supposed to write down a summary paragraph that involves all the above-mentioned aspects other than the citation.

One of the most important factors in writing an annotated bibliography is that it is written in alphabetical order of the Author’s last name. For Example- Ruskin Bond will be written prior to William Shakespeare.

Steps of Writing an Annotation Bibliography

  • Selecting a source- Make sure to select a source and then locate its website and record the citations pertaining to it that contain further information and knowledge about the topic that one wants to collect.
  • Reviewing and rechecking all the sources that are used by you are cited correctly.
  • Citation- Make sure that while writing the citation you use the correct style with the correct usage of alphabetical order.
  • Annotation- editing the annotation and writing it down in the correct format is extremely vital.

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