Who Made Homework and Why? Top Facts You Should know

While so many students hate it, it is here to stay. Homework is an integral part of modern education delivery systems. However, many students still dread it. But who are we to blame the poor students, especially when this homework is a source of anxiety and stress. Many students usually get headaches, insomnia, and sick trying to complete their homework help online.

The thing about homework is that we usually do not think about whoever invented it. This guide will act as a definitive source of all you need to know about homework.

What is Homework?

Homework is a type of academic assignment that the tutor gives to the student which is to be done outside of normal class sessions. Homework is different from classwork because you are not expected to do them in class. Homework is an assignment that students have been provided for them to complete in their homes.

What is the Purpose of Homework?

Homework was created for various reasons. The primary purpose of the homework is to allow students to practice by using examples that they have been taught during regular class sessions. Homework is used to reinforce learning while also improving mastery of the subject matter. The teacher also uses homework to assess and understand how properly the student understands the lesson.

At What Time was Homework Created?

Who made homework and why was it made? The answer to this question is that there are several people behind homework. Homework isnt just attributed to just one person alone. There are several names that are accredited for haven made homework popular as a mode of teaching.

Pliny the Younger

If you want to know a homework writer, this also dates back to Pliny the Younger. In the first century AD, in ancient Rome, he invented homework. He did this by telling his followers to practice the art of public speaking in their houses. This usually gives them the privacy to build their confidence. However, many people have said that this isnt a written form of homework.

Horace Mann

Another figure that may have been part of the people who made homework is Horace Mann. He was an educational reformer and a 19th politician. He is deeply involved in the origin of homework. He was interested in the new German education system after its unification. At that time, homework was used as a power play among politicians to force students to complete their lessons in their houses. However, Mann saw that this method of education was attractive and effective. He decided to take the format back with him to the US to this day, homework is a massive part of the US education system.

Roberto Nevilis

Roberto Nevilis is one of the people who made homework. He was a teacher that was based in Italy in the city of Venice. People say that he is behind the invention known as homework. While the art of homework had been in existence before Nevilis, he is credited to have formalized it. Nevills was a teacher who looked for better ways to improve the way that he taught his students. After experimenting with various techniques, he stumbled on homework. He had conceived homework this way:

  • Homework was used to punish students and make them listen carefully while in class.
  • Also, homework is used to motivate students to keep on learning even after their regular class sessions.

The primary idea behind this is to make sure that students do not lose grip of what they have been taught during regular class sessions.

Purpose of Homework

Homework is a technique that is used to increase the retention of classroom lessons among students. Homework comes with several objectives known as purposes such as:

  • It is used to reinforce the class lessons that the students have been taught.
  • To help guide the student with the formation of a good studying habits.
  • To ensure that students are able to nurture independence, responsibility, and self-discipline.
  • To help students hone their research skills.
  • Students have enough time to study certain topics and subjects that are difficult.
  • It enables students to practice and apply their knowledge on their own.
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