What is family branding? The pros and cons of a family of brands

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To know about family branding just Simply put is a family brand that carries using a single brand name to market many related products to a specific customer. We are the best Assignment Help Firm. With family branding you can also known as “umbrella branding”, much big organization produces a variety of products under a single name in order to increase their chances for profit in the market.

Overview of Family Branding

In this modern era of marketing and promotion, a family brand is a selection of goods, that sell under the same brand name, and often have a different logo. For example, PONDS uses the same name to market soap, Powder, and beauty products to consistent customers.

Every product should be promoted with the name of the brand.  The strategy of promotion where many products are promoted under the same brand is called family branding.  The products that are attached to each other are promoted with the help of family branding. For better learning this process, let us consider an example.  The firm operates under the brand name X, and it produces Body Lotions. After that same brand started producing other range of products like body wash, perfume, beauty products, and so on. This is called family branding.  This is done not only to reduce production costs but also to take benefit of the existing popularity of a brand in the market, thereby helping to attract customers very easily. With all these, you can get Do My Homework for me service.

What are the Pros of Family Branding?

With the help of Family branding, you can easily analyze and managed fast at a low cost, as it leverages established brands of the same product line. Family Brand costs marketing costs are usually low because it uses already known buyers' trust and awareness of that brand. It is an easy process of branding because it doesn’t involve a difficult marketing process. It is a very effective resource because it uses things which is already used to advertise an existing brand. It is simply to gain the attention of the buyers and recognition with the help of family branding, as the organization is not required to educate or provide awareness about the brand. With the help of family branding, the cost of organization also reduces the cost of advertising for its product. What are the Cons of Family Branding? One of the most important disadvantages of family branding is that if one product is down, it may also affect the other products of the brand. Family branding now becomes non-approachable in case of brand products that do not match the existing products in the queue. Family branding can be suitable only when the product is sold out first to the company and then to the customer under the existing brand. The business has to maintain the quality of the new products launched, as it affects the entire line of products as well.

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