What are the Seven Key Construction Industry Trends of Civil Engineering We Will See in 2021?

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering is an important branch of engineering which deals with design and construction of public buildings, roads, bridges, railways etc. The civil engineers mostly design and build transportation projects. The systems like sewerage and water supply systems are also developed by civil engineers. Most of the civil engineers adopt old and traditional methods of construction but by the advent of computers and new technology the designs and models have become more precise and innovative. The civil engineering jobs are also getting more noticed and paying.

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The Seven Key Construction Industry Trends Which Prevail in 2021

Virtual and augmented reality: Both are interactive media with which objects and the dimensions can be viewed in three dimensions. With the help of virtual reality we can easily see the future structures. It improves safety of the designs and makes them more realistic.

Provision of advanced building materials: There is a steep rise in the cost of building materials from last few years. So the trend of challenging and advanced building materials is getting popular. Materials like self-healing concrete, cement composite and advance steel is now taking over the traditional building materials.

Rising of sustainable designs: Sustainable designs are more preferred nowadays. The trend is growing due to increasing global warming. The government is also encouraging sustainable designs for structures. These are environment friendly and cost effective also. These designs make best use of the available space.

Building of information modelling: It is recently introduced tool in civil engineering. It is still not used in large-scale applications but it is great in small applications used by civil engineers like building roads, bridges and buildings.

Introduction of 3D printing: 3D printing was introduced recently but the year 2017 was a turning point for it. It brought 3D printing into limelight and accessible to the common customers. It can easily take over the complex challenges of civil engineering. With the help of this technology, structures can be built at very fast pace and with more accuracy.

Internet of civil engineering: It is better known as Internet of Things. It is used for better control and access of the built structures. The structures are provided with sensors connected to internet. Self-opening doors of buildings and public transport systems are controlled by sensors through Internet of Things.

Usage of robots: Certain tasks in civil engineering are repetitive and take a lot of time and labour. Here the robots come into action. They can work endlessly without getting fatigued. Robots are used in dangerous tasks also such as mining.

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