Visualizing System Design using UML based Sequence Diagrams

UML, a modelling language, is involved in the formation of many types of diagrams like interaction, structure and behavior diagrams. A sequence diagram is a type of interaction diagrams. For help in UML Diagram Assignment Help, you can hire professional academic writers like BookMyEssay. In this blog you will read about the sequence diagrams that are used to depict objects in sequential order.

What is UML?

UML stands for Unified Modelling Language. It's a general purpose, developmental language for modelling in the field of software engineering. It helps to provide a standard ways to visualize the design of a system. In 2005, UML was standardized by ISO. Since then, UML is periodically revised for its latest patches.

UML diagrams are of three types

  • Interaction
  • Structure
  • Behavior
Interaction Diagrams

These diagrams illustrate the interactive behavior of the system. Interaction diagrams are used to visualize interaction in the system. They also help study various features and aspects of the system interaction. A sequence diagram is the most commonly used interaction diagram.

Sequence Diagrams A sequence diagram details the interaction between the objects in the order in which they take place. These diagrams are used by software developers and in business to understand requirements of new and existing systems. If you want computer science based assignments or write ups on this topic, you can hire professional academic writers like BookMyEssay. Sequence Notation Diagrams Actors: An actor's role is to interact with the system and its objects. It is always outside the system, we are modelling using UML diagram. UML Diagram There can be multiple actors in the sequence diagram. Actors are used to show various roles like human users, external subjects etc. Lifelines: They are used to represent an individual participant in the sequence diagram. Each instance is represented by a lifeline, which are located at the top of the sequence diagram. Format for naming a lifeline is Instance name: Class name UML Diagram Lifeline is displayed in a rectangle called head with its name and type, located at the top of a vertical dashed line. Difference between lifeline and an actor: Lifeline depicts objects internal to the system while actor depicts objects outside the system. Messages: Messages shows the communication between the object in the sequence they appear on the lifeline. Lifeline and messages become the core of the sequence diagram. Messages are classified into
  • Synchronous messages: Here, the sender waits for the receiver to process the message and then reply. The interaction moves forward when the reply is received. We use a solid arrow head to depict a synchronous message.
UML Diagram  
  • Asynchronous messages: Here, the interaction doesn’t wait for the receiver to process the message and send a reply. A lined arrow head is used to represent asynchronous messages.
UML Diagram
  • Create message: Create message is used to incorporate a new object in the sequence diagram. It is represented by dotted arrow with "create" labelled on it.
UML Sequence
  • Delete message: It destroys the occurrence of the object in the system. Or when an object is DE allocated memory in the system. It is represented by an arrow terminating with an x.
UML Diagram Other message types are Self-message, Reply message, Found message and lost message. Guards: This is used when the condition is met and the flow of messages has to be restricted. It helps software developers know the constraints of the system. UML Diagram Uses of Sequence diagrams
  • To understand the functionality of current and future systems
  • To visualize how messages move between objects in a system
  • To visualize logic behind sophisticated systems
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