Understanding The Theories, Causes, and Reasons of Social Movements is a Must for the Students of Sociology

A social movement is a purposeful movement of a group of people. Such ‘group of people’ can be of any size and nature but they remain organized with a common goal as a whole. The group plans and acts as a whole and aims to make a change in the way a society or the government act in a country or region. As happened in 2011, common people in Egypt erupted against the stifling rules of the then president Hosni Mubarak or Arab Spring which was a movement against the century-old oppression against common people in several nations in the Middle East. Social movements are as old as human civilization and people have been using social movements as a way to make necessary changes which are not happening normally. As a student of sociology, you may get several assignments in different forms on this subject and some of these topics may seem tough and unapproachable. The writing help for sociology assignment from BookMyEssay it makes this task easier and faster for you.

Social Movements: An Inherent Part of Sociology

The students of sociology need to study different social movements, their purposes, and final outcomes. Here are some famous social movements:

  • American civil rights movement
  • French revolution
  • Indian freedom movement
  • Cuban Independence movement
  • Luddite Movement
  • Tunisian Revolution
  • Anti-nuclear movement
  • Occupy wall street
  • Chipko movement in India
  • Black Panther party
  • Gay rights movement
  • Animal rights movement

There are hundreds of other famous movements which had made the world a better place to live for the future generations. At the same time, not all movements were successful in history. Sociology students need to know all aspects of movements and reasons behind their success or failure. Their assignments may include this important topic; however, students can take professional assistance from the sociology assignment writing help for an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Causes and Effects of Social Movements

What are the causes of social movements? Are most of the movements purely political in nature or there are some other reasons behind them? What are the cultural and economic implications of these movements? These questions have kept the social researchers and sociologists engaged for decades. They have been finding the real causes and their effects behind various social movements.

There are several theories available on this subject like the following ones:
  • Deprivation theory: According to this theory, a social movement develops when a certain section of the social things they are deprived of some basic rights like resources, certain privileges, services, and goods. The supporters of deprivation theory are segregated into two groups. They are the supporters of absolute deprivation theory and Relative deprivation theory.
  • Resource mobilization theory: According to this theory availability of certain resources to certain individual or individuals of the society is the prime reason behind any social movement. Those individuals could mobilize certain resources to create grievances and take others into their confidence. Thus, a social movement develops.
  • Structural Strain theory: According to this theory, any social movement remains nascent in a group of people which takes shape when the following six factors come into being: people recognize that the problem does exist, people feel they are deprived, an ideology supposed to be a possible solution is developed, several events may become apparent that develop the nascent movement into a structured real-world movement, the society as a whole starts supporting the movement directly or indirectly, resources mobilized as the movement grows.

There are few other theories like Political Process theory and New Social Movement theory that are also important for the sociology students. Understanding the theories and the causes and effects of social movements are not enough. A student needs to have an analytical mind to write any assignments on any topics of a social movement, else, they have the option of availing the professional assistance.

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