UK Universities to Consider While Pursuing a Degree in Law Streams

“Law is not law if it violates the principles of eternal justice” __ Lydia Maria Child

Why the world needs lawyers? Or why do you need lawyers? Yes, it may sound like a joke to you but the need of the professional lawyer is a serious matter for anyone who seeks protect their civil rights, constitutions or want to have a fair trial in the court. Whether you believe it or not, legal service has become a rapidly growing profession in the past few years. A career in the law can be professionally challenging, satisfying and financially rewarding at the very same time.

Students who dream to pursue this career will have the opportunities to explore various legal careers, practice areas and grow further in the industry with promising jobs. However, it is significant to understand from which university they want to get their degree from as the selection of law university is also plays a crucial role in the learning process. The situation is similar to hiring Law assignment help for academic writing tasks.

The UK Universities for Law Course

When it comes to law course UK based universities have a long and rich history and the number of law courses they offer is incomparable. The facilities are good and students can enjoy the whole learning part while gaining the expertise side by side. With this thought in mind, there are two main things to consider while pursuing a law degree in the UK: -

First: The university you select to get the degree Second: What law degree will fit you the best For a foreign student settling down in a new country is never an easy task as there are so many available options which can often make the student feel overwhelmed. To overcome this issue, here is the list of the top law universities in the UK.
  1. Cambridge University
Cambridge University

Who hasn’t heard about the iconic Cambridge University? Well, it is the university that you will find on the top of the list of the best law universities. With outstanding degrees, modern teaching approaches and highly qualified staff the university has gained the popularity among the law students around the world. The study module of the university clearly reflects the commitment to achieve full academic and intellectual potential.

Due to their high reputation, students who complete their degree from Cambridge University enjoy high salary jobs.

Some of the most popular law programs offered by Cambridge University are: -
  • BA Law
  • Masters in Corporate Law
  • LLM Law
  • Doctorate in Law
  1. University of Oxford
oxford college

The University of Oxford has gained a reputation among the leading global law centers. Students who complete their law degree in this university will not only gain knowledge but also develop the skills and expertise that are much needed to deal with real-life situations. Employers highly value the graduates who have completed their law degree from Oxford University.

The University of Oxford basically offers two main courses: - First: - three-year degree program Second: - a four-year program which include the same curriculum as the above one but also includes an additional year that students will spend in France, Spain, Germany or Italy.
  1. Glasgow University
Glasgow University

As a law student, what do you expect from a university? Excellent law degrees, a team of qualified academic experts, a research community and modern facilities? Well, Glasgow University has all these things at the one place which makes it worthy of the title of one of the best law university in the UK. Through their courses, students will not only develop an in-depth understanding of the Scottish and common laws but also gain the analytical skills that which plays a crucial role in some situations. Some of the law degree programs offered by Glasgow University are: -

  • Common Law LLB
  • Scotts Law LLB
  • International Commercial Law LLM.
  • Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy LLM
  • International Competition Law & Policy LLM
  • Social Legal Studies MRes

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