Top 5 Questions Answered about Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Supply chain and logistics management are the function that combines all the part of a business that contains trade, finishing, transportation, supply and vending process. All these terms come under this department. It is very vital to run a positive business. This term defines the revenue and loss of the business. This works as a spine of a successful business. Supply chain management works as an energizer to a business. By using the direction of our professionals, we are offering the Supply chain management assignment help. Our experts always deliver the best resolutions to the students. All specified information related to the topics comes from the different sources and expert’s views. The main objective to deliver the assignment, student gets the good grades in the examinations.

Following are the 5 Supply Chain and Logistics Management Questions Answered which help the students in their exams.
  • Write the difference between Supply chain and Logistics management.
  • Supply chain management is very broad term which refers to the various connections, right from the different suppliers to the various consumers. All the different activities related to the procurement, conversion, sourcing, and logistics management comes under the supply chain management. The truth is that logistics management is a small segment of the supply chain management. Logistics deal with the management of goods in a well-organized way. The main objective of the supply chain management s to get the competitive advantages for the company and main objective of the logistics management is the customer satisfaction.
  • Define the Push and Pull strategies of supply chain management.
  1. Push strategy of the supply chain management is completely based on the assumption and in this strategy, demand is predictable. We take all the decision on the basis of assumed numbers and work accordingly. In this way we can start the production on the basis of these numbers.
  2. In pull strategy, all the work done according to the requirement as well as stocks. In this strategy all the work is entirely based on the actual condition of the stock.
  • Write something about the different kinds of supply chain and logistics trends.
  • As we know that technology has motivated a new trend of productivity by digitizing key monetary and business processes and enabling collaboration across the organization. By using various technologies, we are trying to make our easier as well as simpler. Some trends are
  1. Service chain will become more significant than the product chain.
  2. To get the success you need to use micro segments
  3. Knowledge work and workers will become global in nature
  4. Supply chain management must be designed to serve the better base of pyramid.
  • What change we can see that with the help of e-commerce?
  • E-commerce doesn’t define the online shopping, it also contains the lots of steps to get the product on time. By using supply chain, we can make it perfect. E-commerce also enhance the work of supply chain. It also makes the number of customer and there are lots of work comes in this way.
  • Why is supply chain about much more than simply cost reduction?
  • The main work of the executives should be made a lean supply chain that delivers the help you in advance up the profit curve. They need to make a plan that having the accurate amount of the accurate supply at accurate time to correct supplier and accurate place with lowest amount. In this plan they also sustain the quality of the product also.
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