The Use of Technological Devices in Education

Our everyday duties becomes increasingly apparent. Teachers have long opposed using technology in the classroom because they fear it would hinder students' ability to acquire critical thinking skills and other crucial talents if everything is done by clicking or tapping on their gadgets. There is certainly the possibility of listening to them, but what if they are mistaken? What if exposing kids to various technology helps them study better? If you are seeking Assignment Writing Help Online, consider BookMyEssay. They are the best at providing technological devices assignment help.

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The Cengage Learning article "Using a Digital Game in a Chemistry Course: The Effect on Student Achievement and Attitudes" is one of these study projects. The researchers recruited 75 undergraduate students for the study, then randomly separated them into two groups (the experimental and control group). The next step was to give each student an iPad, which they were to use for the whole five-week chemistry course. It's even more intriguing since they employed technology to improve the kids' educational experience, namely a "chemistry-specific digital game." Through this, technology may aid in producing a better evaluation and enhancing the overall learning experience for those taking part. This study demonstrates how technology tools like tablets and other devices like smartphones will improve student performance and attitudes toward chemistry. If writing things like this is too hard for you, consider BookMyEssay. They are the best at providing Academic Writing Service.

Allowing Technology in the Classroom Increases Students' Enjoyment of Learning.

According to Hattie et al. (2005), using technology to learn makes the process more exciting and enjoyable for the pupils. As a result, individuals may study in a setting that is more comfortable for them. For instance, it has been shown that taking notes on a computer or iPad produces better outcomes than making notes by hand. According to research, students who utilized tablets on tests performed 10% better than their peers, and iPads may improve test results by 22%. Additionally, adopting computers has enhanced students' general course grades (Hattie & Timperley).

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Although there are several positives connected with the use of technology in today's classrooms, you should recognize that not everyone will accept these changes, particularly those who have been teaching for many years. Since they have been utilizing conventional techniques for years and are still getting excellent results from them, it is obvious why they want to keep their teaching strategies the same. But if more individuals keep pushing for this innovative strategy, educators will ultimately see how helpful technology can improve teaching and keep students interested and involved.

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