The Social and Environmental Influence of Engineering

Implementation of engineering practices might change or destroy the natural balance thus leading to devastation and destruction of the environment. Engineers should try to find out practical solutions to minimizing the carbon footprint and redressing the harmful actions such as looking forward to initiatives including converting the mine wastes into recyclable schemes. Engineers have become sensitive related to the environmental impact of the products. In several cases, engineers are involved to create a particular solution where they could not imagine the impact their product shall have on society later on.

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Engineering Courses Include Social Aspects

ABET or the US Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology have added their requirements to engineering education. It states that engineers’ programs should show that their engineer graduates have the education to understand the outcome of engineering solutions in the social or global concept. It might be difficult to achieve as it needs not just a very strong technical knowledge but an informed historical and social perspective, which is quite difficult.

Many courses have been included in the Engineering course that explores the social aspects of Engineering such as infrastructure, energy, and water resources management. These courses contextualize the theories and concepts of human rights in engineering practices.

There are several instances where engineering projects have a significant impact on society. Students design a dam for producing hydroelectric power. Though hydroelectric power does not result in greenhouse gas emission or pollution, students should be encouraged to examine the social and environmental effects after a new dam is created. People might get displaced and their farmland might be flooded. Some of the adverse environmenral effects include eutrophication and ponding. But on the other side, the creation of new dams control flood.

Different Methods Used

Universities are trying to include social and global perspectives through different methods. Students should have the education to know the effects of engineering solutions on society. The best method that can help students develop a social or global perspective is spending time in different cultures. But, many students cannot afford money and time for such trips. Moreover, many engineering course curriculum does not offer new courses, which are particularly focused to create awareness among the students. The awareness of social issues should be developed in the engineering course curriculum.

Incorporating exercises, case studies, and homework problems involving current social issues may solve the problem. Discussing these issues should be a part of the projects. Some of the issues include movement of the production facilities to nations that have low-cost labor, economic/environment tradeoffs, and the merits and demerits of the regulations of government in the private industry.

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